MAYBELLINE | DreamLumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Nude

I've been using this concealer for a little while now and it's taken me a long time to sit and write this review purely because I was in two minds about my opinion. In some ways I really like it, and in other I don't; but I shall share with you my pros and cons none the less!

This concealer is best described as a highlighting concealer, I would definitely not be putting this anywhere near blemishes unless you want them to stand out even more! It is best used under the eyes, bridge of nose, forehead - those typical places you want to highlight on your face. For me I purely focus this as an under-eye concealer/brightener of sorts. Here is where the cons come in; it just didn't give me enough coverage, unless I was to pile it on and having it look really obvious and cakey. Firstly I use a concealer with a lot more coverage to cover the darkness and then prefer to use this lightly over top and bring it along the cheek bone to give a subtle highlight, which works well to illuminate the area.

If you don't have heavy dark circles then this would probably be more then enough on it's own. It feels light weight on it's own, and blends out very well, which is one thing I really like about it. The highlight isn't shimmery or glittery, it is more like a natural radiant sheen.

It comes in a pen form with a twist up bottom which dispenses the product out of the brush tip, which is firm but also flexible enough to maneuver around the eye area. I like the packaging as it clearly shows you how much is left as it twists and pushes upwards. But I also find that it gets a little messy and mine is looking very worse for wear; the writing is pretty much gone and the lid collects a lot of product and I feel like I am constantly needed to wipe it off.

I have the shade Nude, which is the middle shade and if I was to repurchase this I would go for the lightest one (in Ivory) as it would probably work a bit better to really show the highlight. So that is my very two-minded review; I like it to enhance an already well concealed under-eye and highlight, but find that it doesn't give enough coverage on its own and the packaging works well to dispense product but looks very messy over time. I'd be interested if any of you have tried this and if it worked - or if you have found anything similar that does a good job!

You can buy this from Feel Unique for around NZD $14.00 here with free worldwide shipping over $20.00.


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