MUA | Glitterball Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

MUA (or Makeup Academy) was a brand I discovered a year or so ago and I instantly feel in love with the brand and their range. Since then I have made quite a few orders, which you can see in various haul posts on here [use the search bar if you would like to read them] and I feel like I have used a number of their products. MUA are UK based, but they ship worldwide, which is a novelty especially for a UK 'drugstore' brands.  They have a great selection of eyeshadow palettes and the one I am reviewing today is named the 'Glitter Ball' palette.

The palette packaging is a solid plastic with a hinged lid, nothing fancy but it is the product inside that counts. I have a couple of other palettes from MUA and the pigmentation is really great, and this Glitter Ball palette is no exception. You get 12 shades ranging from candy coloured pastels to more neutral browns and greys, making it very versatile. Most of the shades have an incredible shimmery lustre, pearl like finish to them, hence why it is called 'Glitter Ball'. They have great pigmentation and colour pay off, many of them feel extremely soft and buttery and that in turn makes them easy to blend.

This is one of their older palettes, so they don't have names to each eye shadow like they do with their newer released palettes, so I have numbered them for easy reference.


001. The most matte shade from the bunch; it contains glints of silver through out but the shimmer is not very obvious.

002. A light peachy, pink. This one isn't as lustrous as the others, it has more obvious silver flecks through it.

003. A vivid emerald green.

004. Same finish as number 3, but a bright baby blue.

005. An aquamarine, in between number 3 and 4 in colour. Same lustre finish.

006. Extremely buttery, vivid pearl white.


007. A brighter pink with silver reflex to it.

008. One of my favourites; this is a brilliant bronzed gold.

009. Another stand out; a beautiful mauve - more on the purple side.

010. I find this shade has the most pigmentation, probably due to it being a dark colour. It is a chocolate brown with an amazing lustre.

011. A blue toned silver.

012. A lustrous purple lavender.

Each shade has a really beautiful finish and they are very lustrous and reflect the light, all with the exception of number 1, which has a semi matte finish - it seems a bit odd in a collection of shimmers. But out of the 12, there should be a combination of colours to suit many people. I tend to gravitate towards the neutrals [numbers 8-11] but if I want to be more adventurous the option is there.

These 12 pan palettes retail on the website for £4.00 each - so around $8 NZD. This one has disappeared off the website (it was there last week), so perhaps it is out of stock. But any of the other palettes would be just as great  (the Undress Me Too is amazing!) and you shouldn't be disappointed. Shipping to NZ can be a little expensive at £7.50 - around $14 but they often offer free shipping, so keep an eye out on their FB page or sign up for emails, I love doing big orders when they have free shipping!

Let me know if you have any products from MUA, or some that I need to try out next time I make an order!


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