SAMPLE BAR GLAM PACK | January '14 End Of Month Review [The Final One EVER!]

Before you say/think it, I know I am well aware that it is in fact the end of February, but if you saw my January unboxing post here, I actually didn't recieve this until around the 20th of January and then posted my unboxing slightly later. Technically a month has past, so I am going to give my thoughts on the 5 products received in the final ever Sample Bar Glam Pack [they have closed down now, sad face].

PRODUCT 001. MOR Little Luxuries Collection - Belladonna Hand Cream [RRP $14.99 - $19.99 (5g-60g]
I was most excited about this product from the Glam Pack and it lived up to my expectations! This hand cream smells amazing and is lightweight so it sinks in fast and is instantly moisturising. It is a handy 50ml tube, great for chucking in your bag on the go, but I like to keep it beside my bed. I would definitely love to check out a few more of there hand cream and the different scents available.

PRODUCT 002. Calvin Klein Down Town Eau de Parfum [RRP $100 (50ml)]
After using this little sample vile of perfume I have become a huge fan of the scent. It is floral but not overpowering and I also find it to be quite fruity. I've never tried or smelt other Calvin Klein fragrances before but after using this one I would love to see what else the brand offers. It is a pretty reasonable/standard price for a designer fragrance and is one I will keep an eye out for as I really liked it and the full sized bottle is very simply designed with pink and silver details.

PRODUCT 003. Dr. Wendy's 100% Botanical Cleanser [Fullsize RRP $29.95 (50ml)]
As cleansers go, this one didn't stand out for me unfortunately. It is made from 100% pure plant ingredients and also made here in NZ which I would love to support, but I don't think I would purchase this again. The smell is slightly odd to me, kind of earthy/floral, something I really can't pinpoint (much like the Toner from the December Glam Pack). I found I needed a good 2 pumps as the products just kind of disappeared as soon as I put it onto the face so I felt like it wasn't doing a whole lot. Although it did well at cleansing and removing traces of makeup I feel like there are better ones out there.

PRODUCT 004. Argania Hair Oil [RRP $5.99 - $34.99 (5ml - 100ml)]
I am a big fan of argan oil and have been using  a 100% pure argan oil for a while in the ends of my hair. This argan oil has quite a few added ingredients purely aimed at helping the hair (where as 100% argan oil can be used all over the body). I find the oil to be very thick in consistency and a little certainly goes a long way, you need literally a pea sized (if not smaller) amount which is enough to work into the end of wet or dry hair. I like putting it through damp hair before blow drying and styling for some added nourishment. I would definitely consider buying this argan again and also trying some of the other Argania hair range.

PRODUCT 005. Carmex Lip Balm [RRP from $4.99]
I have used Carmex before and found it quite intense on the lips, this one was no exception. I think if you have severely chapped lips then this would work wonders but for me, I have pretty moisturised lips and it felt a little heavy and also the scent and taste is quite overwhelming, pretty much exactly like Blistex if you have used that before. I think this will be great during the colder months when my lips are a bit more drier but for now I would prefer something lighter.

The final ever Sample Bar review has come to end, I really enjoyed receiving these boxes each month and I have discovered some great products from it, but now maybe it is worth getting Goodie Box - if you have used this service please let me know your experiences and if you would recommend it etc, I would love some advice!
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