BH COSMETICS | Malibu Blush + Eyeshadow Palette

After blogging about the BH Cosmetics San Francisco Palette a few months ago (see it here) and saying how I wanted to get the other two... well, I did (it doesn't take much to convince myself I need something!) They were back on NZ Sale and I jumped at the chance so I brought this Malibu Blush + Eyeshadow palette for myself and I actually brought the Hollywood Palette for sister - I've gotta share the makeup love around! BH Malibu is one out of three in the California Makeup Palette Collection, which is special edition.

The palette is very compact with two flaps opening like doors holding the 16 shadows and then the middle flap lifting like a lid to reveal the 4 blushes. It has a nice big mirror and would make a great travel palette, especially if you were going to a tropical destination as the colour are perfect for that!

LEFT FLAP // The left side flap holds lighter shades. Four of these eight shades are matte (the bright yellow, cobalt blue, lime green and darker brown) and the rest are quite shimmery. The shimmery shades have slightly better pigmentation than the matte shades do, but it is great to see a palette with a good mix. The white shade in the bottom corner is great for inner corner highlight and it has a slight gold reflex to it and it compliments all the shades perfectly.

RIGHT FLAP // The right side houses darker colours; teal greens/blues, neutral browns and golds. Three of these shades are matte (the lighter teal, darker blue and the terracotta shade in the bottom corner), with the rest being very shimmery. As you can see these darker colours are a lot more pigmented than the lighter shades, but that is to be expected. I love the bronzey browns in this sides, but I am also attracted to the greens and think they work well with the browns.

The right side is more of a night time kind of palette, with the left being more daytime, and I love that there is such a good range of shades and ones that are really daring (well, to me they are!) The shadows have great blendability and pigmentation to them. Using them over a white base would make the colours stand out a heck of a lot more than straight on the skin, and you can also use them wet which makes the colour way more intense and shows them up to their full potential.

BLUSHES // Although it says blush, the bottom two colours are actually great highlighting shades. Again, like the shadows, these have great pigmentation and you only need a light hand with a brush to get a great colour payoff on the cheeks. The top left is a vibrant matte coral pink (my personal favourite), next to that is a more darker red with golden reflex to it - I actually think this makes a really amazing eyeshadow, it is just a bit too shimmery for my tastes.

Under those we have the white highlighter, this is absolutely gorgeous as it has a sort of pinky/gold shimmery through it, the one on the right looks a bit obscure in the pan, but it is a tan/gold colour which makes a lovely highlight especially with more tanned skin, or a bronzed look.

I am a huge fan of these palettes and BH Cosmetics in general; they have eyeshadows colour for anyone and these palettes are nice and compact. You can purchase them from the BH website here for only USD $8.95 (down from $18.95) but the shipping is quite expensive (maybe best to use Youshop or ShipItTo), or keep an eye out on NZ Sale as they always tend to have BH Cosmetics on every month or so at great prices.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Are there any other palettes from BH that are worth checking out? Let me know in the comments!


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