When Erica from Little Lot contacted me asking if my little blog wanted to be apart of Little Lot, I couldn't have been any quicker with my response. I had heard a little bit about the company and what they do, so was beyond excited to be apart of the Little Lot movement. So you're probably thinking, what the heck is Little Lot?! Basically, it is an NZ company that uses your desktop wallpaper/phone screen to display advertisements (beautiful designed and photographed ones at that), which then generates a daily donation to a charity of your choice. It is no cost to you to download, simply by having companies (or blog in my case) you are helping to add a little bit, towards a large cause.

There are a bunch of amazing charities here in NZ that you can choose to support (currently I have chosen NZ Breast Cancer Foundation), but there are other great ones such as Paw Justice, Ox Fam, Starship and the list goes on. Each day a new wallpaper will pop up after you have downloaded the app or software (available for everything; Android, Windows, Apple etc.), you can choose from a total of three each day, if you didn't like that particular one and you can also thumbs up or down, so it will cater to your choices. There are also categories of interest that you can select, such as Arts, Music, Fashion & Beauty, Business - something to suit everyone.

Obviously, if you select Fashion & Beauty, my beautifully designed wallpaper (done by the Little Lot team) could be your wallpaper for the day! I have already had a couple of friends and followers on Twitter and FB saying that they had my wallpaper, which really warmed my heart. Above is the one for the computer desktop and below is the mobile version.

The website has a lot more information on the way it works and the wallpapers are designed with an aesthetic purpose in mind - it has to look beautiful and pleasing to the eye, which is something I can absolutely appreciate and I think they do a great job on the design side of things. So if you want to give a little back, then go ahead and download the app - you might get my wallpaper one day, or another from a bunch of other amazing NZ blogs (I've already had Makeupper's one; it looks great!) I am just so pleased that I can be apart of a company packed with Kiwi ingenuity.

*Little Lot has not asked me to write this post AT ALL.
I just wanted to share with you all an amazing NZ company doing great things in hopes that you too can support it!


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