CHI CHI | Creamy Matte Liquid Lipstick in Socialite Review + Swatch

The liquid lipstick trend has been taking off over the past year, and Chi Chi, an Australian brand, have their spin on it with their Creamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks. They have a great range of colours but I was drawn to this shade in Socialite (all of the names are so great as well, others include Man Eater, Flirt, Drama Queen etc).

When it states 'creamy matte', these are just two words that don't seem like they could possibly work together. Generally liquid lipsticks can be quite drying when they are matte, but these Chi Chi ones go on super creamy and don't set completely matte so are not drying on the lips at all. They are enriched with vitamin E, which aids in moisturising the lips, which is something I am sure we all want out of a lip product!

The packaging is pretty chunky; I've put in a Maybelline mascara for some scale. They are very tall and seem to have a lot of product in them!

As you can see in the swatch, Socialite is very much a barbie pink colour, super girly and very statement. The applicator on these is quite different from other liquid lipstick products, the doe foot is much more elongated and also quite skinny. It allows for precision using the tip and then the flat side sweeps across the lips seamlessly in packing on colour in one swipe. The pigmentation of these means business - one swipe is all you need for full opacity, but it is best to use a thinner layer, or else over time it can start to clump up in places. Not only is it extremely creamy but also with a nearly matte finish, it also smells delicious of strawberry lollies - almost good enough to eat!

If you are after something that is going to last, is semi-matte and non-drying these could be right up your alley! You can buy these at Farmers across NZ and they retail for around $23/$24.

What do you think of all these liquid lipsticks? Are they better than the standard lipsticks? Let me know your thoughts, or your fav liquid lippies!


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