KMART | New Range of Lipsticks + Nail Polishes

Kmart here in New Zealand (and also in Australia) have had a beauty revamp, adding new brands like e.l.f. (!!!) and also their own line of lipsticks and nail polishes. I was very excited to see these and the best part was they are only $4 each! I wasn't sure what to expect but grabbed a few items to try them out and they have really impressed.

001. Moisturising Lipstick in Milk Chocolate/Naked
I am a bit confused as to the actual name of the lipstick, the back says Milk Chocolate and the front of the actual lipstick says Naked - so I'm going with that one. It promises to be moisturising for 'perfectly pouted, hydrated lips'; it definitely is moisturising, and very creamy on the lips. The packaging feels a little cheap and plastic-y but the lipstick pigmentation is really great and the swatch above is one swipe. It is a pinky nude, leaning towards the browner side. They have a really good colour selection with some amazing bright shades.

002. Feather Nail Polish in Oriole
I was really impressed to see they had a lot of the different nail effects in the range, I picked up one of the feather effects, this one with orange and white bars of matte glitter pieces, all in a clear base. It needed a couple of coats to get the coverage shown on the nail wheel and would look great over many different colours as the base.

003. Glitter Nail Polish in Glitterbomb
Of course I had to go for one of their glitter polishes, this one is filled with pink, green, silver, blue and yellow hexagonal glitters. The coverage was quite sparse but by dabbing the polish onto the nail that gives the best results.

For only $4 each, this range is a real steal, they have a good range of colours and also great nail effects on offer. It is well worth checking into your local Kmart and seeing what is now on offer! If you have tried this range, let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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