EMPTIES | March '14 + Reviews

March has gone and taken a whole lot of empty products with it! It's time to show you my trash and also give you my thoughts on these items and if I would (or already have) purchased them again.

001. Nivea Pure Effect 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes
I brought these on a bit of a whim and was a bit disappointed in them. You only got 20 wipes, generally you get at least 25-30 in other standard packs, and they were around the same price as many other wipes I usually buy. As far as makeup removing went, it did an alright job, the wipes had raised parts all over so that it exfoliated the skin whilst removing makeup. You can't use these on your eyes (that would just burn!) and they did feel a little drying after use. I probably wouldn't purchase these again as I think there are much better ones out there for a similar if not cheaper price.

002. The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion
This has been my go to night moisturiser for many months now and I finally came to the last of it at the beginning of March. It's consistency is quite thin especially for a night cream but it works great for my oily/combo skin and sinks in very quickly. I love this whole Tea Tree range and it really helps to clear up my skin and fight breakouts, this also aids in fading dark spots and marks left over from blemishes and I have noticed it a real difference through using this continually for a couple of months. I've already brought another as I couldn't go without it!

003. Maybelline City Rescue Total Clean! Express Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
It seems I go through a bottle a month with this stuff  - it featured in February's Empties as well! I love this stuff and it removes pretty much all traces of eye makeup and does a great job at removing lipstick as well. It doesn't sting the eyes, nor feel drying, I will definitely keep purchasing this!

004. Garnier Intensive 7days Nourishing Hand Cream
I've been through a couple of these tubes and it is my go to, beside the bed, hand cream. It is relatively thick but sinks into the skin and instantly feels moisturising. I am currently using another hand cream at the moment but will tend to always go back for this one.

005. e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set
I feel like this is always getting a mention on here! I ran out at the start of the month and was in a panic, which resulted in this order from Beauty Joint being made. I use this everyday once I've finished my makeup, not only does it feel very refreshing (so nice throughout the day as well) it just settles everything into place. As far as making my makeup last any longer, I think it does slightly - I mainly use it to make sure I'm not looking overly powdery or anything. It is also super cheap (less then $5!)

006. e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black
The Beauty Joint order made above, was also to order another one of these liquid eyeliner pens. I absolutely love this one, it is super pigmented black in one swipe so you don't have to keep going over it, which can then result in a big mess, it dries super quick and it stays put all day. And I mean all day and night long. The pen nib makes for ease of control and precise application. I think I might just get a couple as back up - they are only like USD $2 and I love it that much!

007. L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminosity Serum
I brought this after trying samples of it from a Sample Bar box and have really enjoyed using. It is aimed at more 'mature' skin but I am up for correction of dark spots and imperfections and could do with a bit more glow, so why not use it. The serum is a milky white, very light and sinks in right away. I use it after toning and before moisturising. It definitely has made my skin more softer, and in conjunction with The Body Shop Blemish Fade lotion has made a difference on scarring and dark spots. It lasted me around 2 or so months I think, and I went to repurchase it and they have changed the packaging slightly and also the name (which really confused me). I think continual use will be more beneficial, hence why I brought another.

I'm pretty impressed with what I finished up this month - at the start of the month I always think I'll only have a couple of things, but this turned into 7 products! Let me know if you have used any of these products and your thoughts on them in the comments below.


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