AUSTRALIS | Haul From NZ Sale, First Impressions + Swatches

Way back in mid-Feb NZ Sale had a super cheap sale on a whole bunch of Australis Cosmetics, everything bar the mousse foundation (which was $8) was only $2 each, so naturally, I could not resist grabbing a few items! I think Australis do some great products, but also some duds (like any brand) but for such cheap prices, I grabbed some things I have been wanting to try out for a while.

001. Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown 
I am adding this first because I didn't actually get it from NZ Sale (I bought it from Farmers), but I got it around the same time this Australis parcel arrived so thought I would add it in with this haul. I have been really loving this pencil, it is quite hard so you can build up the brows and it keeps them looking natural. The spoolie on the lid is also very handy for brushing through and keeping things in place.

002. Creme Colour For Cheeks & Lips in Dusky Rose
I've been loving a bit of cream blush lately and I have been using this one a fair bit. The colour is perfect bright pink and it can be built up from sheer to as much as you would like. I use a stipple brush as it distributes it evenly on the cheeks. This does keep quite a sheeny finish to it on the cheek but great to enhance a glowy look. You can also use this on the lips, which I am yet to venture into as I find it a little strange (is that just me?)

003. Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush in Poser
Probably my favourite buys from this sale was these two blushes and bronzer. I have a couple of these already and they are seriously amazing blushes, with great pigmentation and staying power. Although this particular one says 'Blush' it is definitely a bronzer. It works great dusted over the high points as it has a hint of shimmer through it, but gives that lovely natural glow to the skin.

004. Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush in Shoot To Thrill
Now, this blush is seriously beautiful, I almost don't want to use it for fear of messing up the amazing pattern! When the colours all swirl together it has some serious hot pink pigmented colour! A light hand with a brush is all you need (so you don't come out looking to clown like!) I find these blend out beautifully and I can't believe I got this for only $2!

005. Mousse Makeup in Natural Ivory
To be honest, I have yet to try this foundation after I swatched it as it seemed quite dry and very thick in texture and a tad orange, so I have just haven't had the courage to use it. Generally, I really like mousse formulas, so I just need to suck it up and give it a go!

006. Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Concealer in Medium/Dark
This was a bit of an impulse buy because it was so cheap but it is a tad too dark for me at the moment. It will be alright during the summer, or if I have tanned up, but currently it is unusable. I had read great things about this concealer and it seems to have some pretty heavy coverage going on.

007. Nail Glitter Colour in Space Jam
You know I couldn't resist a $2 nail polish and this shade is really unique. It is a very dark purple that is very opaque and has large hexagonal blue glitter, with smaller vibrant purple bit throughout. It was little gloppy and thick but I think that is down to how much glitter is in it. The swatch shows 2 coats.

For $25 (minus the eyebrow pencil) plus shipping, this was a mega bargain getting 6 items! NZ Sale is really great for getting a cheap bargain, but keep in mind the shipping does take ages. This took over a month to arrive, and generally other orders I've done have taken at least 3 weeks, if not more. It doesn't bother me having to wait, especially when you get a cheap deal, but I know that it definitely annoys a lot of people. Australis is actually currently on sale on NZ Sale at the moment, for very similar prices - so worth checking out!

Have you given any of these products a go?  Any Australis products you love?


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