INNOXA | Summer Matte Lipstick in Strawberry - Review + Swatch

Reading blogs and watching endless amount of YouTube means you become pretty familiar with makeup brands over time, I couldn't even count how I many I know or have heard of now! Innoxa was a brand I had heard or seen very little about until watching Shaaanxo (NZ gal) and Sharon Farrell (an Australian blogger/vlogger) mention Innoxa a few times. Shannon raves about their lipsticks so when I saw that NZ Sale had them, I jumped right onto that bandwagon. They had the lippies for only $5 each, I did only end up buying the one so I could try it out, but now I wish I had nabbed a couple more.

After doing a bit of research on the brand, it is based in Australia, but there are a few places in NZ where you can get the skincare, but not the makeup unfortunately. However if you can get it on NZ Sale occasionally - that is well worth keeping an eye out for! But for now, let's just talk about Couleur d'Ete Summer Matte Lipstick in the shade Strawberry. First off I really like the packaging, the base shows the colour exactly as it is the tube, making is so great for storing it. It does feel a little plasticy, but still feels sturdy.

As this is a matte lipstick, there are always worries about it being too dry, or it ending up looking cakey/flakey. Let's be honest, that is not cute. With this lipstick, it glides on extremely creamy and dries down to a near matte finish. I say 'near matte' as it still has a slight sheen to it, which keep the lips moisturised, but doesn't compensate on lasting power. I find it does transfer, but nothing overly dramatic that may leave your lips looking super patchy. The colour is a darker pink, leaning towards the browner spectrum. It is a touch darker than my lip colour and this just helps to give an even colour that still looks incredibly natural. I need two swipes on the lips and it is totally opaque.

There are so many colour in this line I am dying to try, i.e. all of the pink shades! If you've tried any of these lipsticks, let me know your thoughts on them slash favourite shades. These retail for AUD $14.95 according to the website. I am stoked that I managed to get this for only $5 and now I am just hanging out for more Innoxa on NZ Sale!


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