NEW ADDITIONS #005 | Gemstones + Minerals

Let's take a wee break from beauty for the day and chat other beautiful things, like gemstones! If you're new to CM I have a wee series called New Additions and for the past 5 posts they have all been showing a variety of different gemstones and minerals. Over the summer I worked in a gemstone and jewellery shop, so was surrounded by them all the time and I am absolutely fascinated by them all. I have quite the collection, stored in big jars on my desk - not only are the super interesting geologically, they look lovely as well!

Aragonite comes in many different forms and also colours (such as blue and white aragonite), this particular variation comes from Morocco and is seen to be a very calming and soothing stone, helping to contribute to a centered and happier life. The formation of this is amazing, forming in hexagonal rods erupting from the centre.

This mineral is found in Arkansas, USA and is characterised by the 'starburst' of radiating green and yellow crystals. It is believed to be a good crystal for soul healing.

Amethyst is probably one of the most well known gemstones and one that I love. This 'chevron' amethyst, named due to the V shaped points created, is pretty darn cool. It is created by a series of phantom crystals (crystals that envelop each other when it forms) showing distinct layer of the quartz. It is found in South Africa, and likely Brazil (they have a huge amount of amethyst there) and is an extremely powerful healing stone, combing both quartz and amethyst in one.

As a base this stone is white dolomitic marble, but the mineral chromium (variety of mica) creates the green colour through the stone. It is found, and named, after Mariposa in California, but is also found in other locations in Canada and Europe. This stone promoted calmness and also said to stimulate creative self-expression.

Another very well known stone is the amazing Turquoise, one of the oldest stones known to man. This tiny bottle is packed with small bit of the stone and just looks so cute sitting on my desk. It is found in many parts of the world, including India, USA (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, to name a few) and also Iran, where there are entire domes covered in turquoise. It is said to detract negative energy and bring good fortune.

If you would like to catch up on the other New Additions posts, just type that into the search bar to the right and they should all pop up at the top. I hope you enjoyed a short break from the usual, and let me know what gemstones you love in the comments.


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