REVLON | The New Colorburst Lacquer + Matte Balms - Review + Swatches

When I heard Revlon were releasing these brand new matte and lacquer balms, I got pretty darn excited! The lip crayon type hybrid products are some of my favourite ways to dispense and apply lipsticks, so when I hit up the Revlon counter in Farmers, it's safe to say I went slightly overboard. Revlon have kicked it up a notch with the colour selection and there wasn't a shade I didn't like, so it made narrowing it down a very difficult task...

I went with one of the Lacquer Balms and got three of the Matte Balms as I love a good matte lip. It is safe to say, these products are amazing. They feel very soft to apply, have great pigmentation and colour pay off and they last a good amount of time. The packaging of these is on point and love how easy it is to distinguish between the lacquers and the mattes, plus it is so easy to tell what colour is inside the tube. They wind up from the base, so there is no need to faff around with a sharpener. One thing that I think some people tend not to like about these is the strong minty scent they have to them. Personally I love it, but it definitely won't be to everyone's liking.

LACQUER // 110 Coquette
This was one of the lacquer shades that really stood out to me, it is just your standard bright pink shade. The finish of these is very pretty glossy, yet they don't feel at all sticky and glide onto the lips with ease. Out of the lacquer and mattes, these definitely wear off much quicker, just due to the creamy nature of the finish, but they do leave a slight stain to the lips after they wear off.

MATTE // 205 Elusive
The matte finishes are like nothing I have tried before, the difference being that are not drying at all and they glide onto the lips so easily, with full on pigmentation. This is one of my favourite shades from the bunch; it is muted brighter pink, with nude undertones. I find this just works on the lips with everything and is a very complimentary shade.

MATTE // 210 Unapologetic
Now this one is for the girls who like their lips to be bright! This is an amazing vibrant coral shade, that verges on being neon. I absolutely adore it and it is a great in between shade, so if you are used to pinks but want to get into reds, a shade like this is the way to go.

MATTE // 220 Showy
For another bright offering, Showy is super bright purple, that lends towards the pink side of the spectrum. I don't think I can say enough how much I love the formula of these and how easy they glide onto the lips but have a matte finish straight away - they are incredible!

Here are all four and it is clear to see the colour variations once swatches beside each other. It definitely is taking a lot of willpower to not go and buy the whole lot of them, as I just love 'em that much!

They retail for NZD $22.99 at Farmers, pharmacies and Revlon counters. I was lucky enough to get in when they had a 3 for 2 deal, plus I had a $20 Farmers Club voucher, so walked away with 4 of them for the price of 2!  Farmers often have great sales, so it is worth keeping an eye out for them to get a good bargain!

Have you got any of these Lacquer or Matte Balms? Do you have a favourite shade from the lot?


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