There are just those times when a trend comes around that you instantly fall in love with  - the translucent/transparent/clear (whatever you wanna call it) clutch was one of them for me. Way, way back into the early archives of CM on the 6th of September, I posted about my lusting over these amazing bags (see post here) and it has taken me this long to find one that I really liked, that didn't look too cheap, but was actually really cheap! I searched and searched online, there are some on ASOS from the brand Klear Klutch that are extortionately overpriced, and then on eBay, they just looked a little to cheapy, but I finally hopped onto Etsy found this, and it's perfect in every way. The best part was, it was only NZD $11.90, plus about $9 for postage.

It is extremely simple in design, which I love - there are absolutely no worries about it not matching your outfit! The plastic feels thick and sturdy, with a gold dome clasp to complete the envelope style.

Of course, having a completely see-through bag is not to everyone's taste; nobodies want their tampons, ID and credit card number out for all to see! The simple solution is small pouches to hold all the personal stuff, not only are they a way to totally personalise the bag, you can get all sort of patterns and sizes to change up the look every time you use it.

I have an assortment of different pouches, some big and some small and it changes the look of the clutch completely. A clear clutch is surprisingly an amazing thing to have in your wardrobe - I think it gives an instant modern edge to any outfit, plus how fun is it to change up the pouches!

So what is your take on these clutches? Would you want your bag contents on show for all to see?


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