URBAN DECAY | Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

It is now the final instalment in the Naked Trilogy (do the catch-up; The Introduction, Naked Basics + Naked 2) with the famed Naked 3 palette. At the end of last year, Instagram's were flying around with this palette in it, many thought it was simply a hoax but out of the blue in December the Naked 3 palette was launched by Urban Decay in all of its pink-toned glory and it certainly has not disappointed.

With the launch, they also redesigned the packaging to a much more sophisticated box, that is a piece of art in itself. The Naked 2 (as discussed yesterday) now comes in the exact some box style, obviously with the Naked 2 colour scheme.

Using the same design as the Naked 2, the packaging for this palette is high quality, housed in a metal tin with the satisfying closing click to the lid. It is based on the Naked 2 packaged, which just pleases the designer inside me, as they look great together. They have obviously amped it up a little and added a very feminine fabric like effect on top of the lid, fitting with the pink theme.

A full sized brush is included and has the same great quality as the one with the Naked 2 palette. This one has the same flat packing style brush on one end and a different crease brush, this one is quite dense and flatter which I find works great for placing colour all of the lid.

I have said it once and I will say it again - these shadows are amazing quality. They blend out easily, brushes pick up the shadows great with little fallout, the pigmentation is outstanding and they feel buttery and soft. Like the Naked 2, the Naked 3 has a mix of mattes, shimmers and glitters. It has 3 matte shades and the other 9 have various satin/shimmer/glitter finishes.

Strange - Slightly pink tinged matte white - perfect for the inner corner/brow bone.
Dust - Ultra glittery baby pink.
Burnout - More of a satin shimmer finish, in a light rose-gold shade.
Limit - Matte pink, which has more of a mauve undertone.
Buzz - Slight coppery toned dark pink, with intense glitter throughout, yet had a very soft, satin-like finish.
Trick - A golden shimmer shade, that had a hint of rosiness through it.

Nooner - Versatile matte mauve/purple shade - great for blending in the crease or using as an all over base.
Liar - Brown toned deep rose-gold shade with a satin finish.
Factory - Shimmery golden bronze shade.
Mugshot - Similar to Factory but a touch lighter and more silver in undertones rather than gold.
Darkside - More purple toned, dark mauve shade, satin finish again.
Blackheart - A matte black based shadow with pink micro glitter throughout - more of a dry texture than the other matte shades. 

As you can see compared to the Naked 2, it is extremely pink/mauve/purple based shadows, which obviously won't be to every bodies taste. I personally love the shades and is a nice step away from the usual bronze browns and greys that I usually go for. I think the colours in the Naked 3 are extremely unique and just allow you to create beautiful eye shadow looks with ease - even if you are a slight eye shadow amateur like myself. There are endless amount of tutorials and images on Pinterest showing great use of the palette, but a couple of combinations that I like to use myself are:
      - Liar all over the lid, with Strange as the inner corner highlight colour and a bit of Nooner through the crease. Using any of the darker shades, Factory, Mugshot and Darkside, all work amazingly in a trio with Nooner and Strange.
      - For a more lighter pink eye, Buzz about two-thirds over the lid and then use Dust in the inner third. This can be deepened up by using Blackheart on the outer V area.

The newly packaged Naked 2 and Naked 3 palette now come with a sample size of four of their Eye Primer Potions, in Original, Eden, Sin and Anti-Aging. I am yet to try any of them out, as I find these shadows are so great they often don't need a primer under them at all! But I hear these are very great, so I look forward to using them for some kind of special occasion.

So, is this palette worth buying? Simply put. heck yes! I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Naked palettes and there should be one that has shades in it that you are bound to love. I purchased mine from Beauty Bay (same place as the Naked Basics and Naked 2), as it ship worldwide for free and the palette retails on there for approx. NZD $70. I have totally fallen in love with all three of my Urban Decay palette and it has been great showing them some love on my blog!

If you have any, or all of the Naked palettes, what is your pick from the lot?


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