VIOLET BOX | April '14 End of Month Review

Yesterday I just received the new Violet Box for May in the mail (that post will be coming in the next day or so), so it is the perfect time to wrap up last month's April box and give you my review and thoughts on each product now that I have had a chance to use them all over the past four weeks. If you missed it, here  is the post about the April box including initial thoughts and swatches for the products; it was a really great first box and had a value of around $146, when all I paid was $29.95 (including postage).

PRODUCT 001. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse // [Full Size RRP $44.95 (120ml) or $65.95 (240ml)]
I had been wanting to use St Tropez for a long time, but the price tag was a little to high for me to splash out on fake tan, but using this generous sample size may have swayed me into possibly purchasing the full sized. Mousse formulas for tanning are ones I prefer, they go on a lot more even then a cream and tend to give a beautiful looking colour. This Bronzing Mousse ticked all the boxes for me. 

It is quite a runny mousse and I used a tanning mitt to squirt on some of the tan and then work it in circular motions onto my body. One pump pretty much did most of my arm, but I needed one more to blend it up onto my shoulders and chest. It spread evenly, and took about 20 or so minutes before it was no longer tacky and I felt I could put clothes on without it transferring. It developed quickly over the course of the day and by the evening was a deep bronze colour with no streaks and it gave a very even, natural look. It faded naturally over about 3 days and left no weird, obvious dark patches on my skin. I can see this little can lasting me a couple more applications and I would seriously consider purchasing the full sized, it was one of the best tans I've used.

PRODUCT 002. Model Co. SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss in Strip Tease // [RRP $19.80]
Lately I have been trying to get into a bit of lip gloss action, so was pleased to have this one to give it a go. The colour is a very pale pink which hint of shimmer through it and it goes on quite sheer on the lips. It isn't too sticky (my main per peeve) and looked nice on its own or over lipsticks. Although I didn't get a lot of use out of this I will likely give it to my Mum as she LOVES this gloss a lot, and I know she'll use it til it's dry.

PRODUCT 003. CatalinaGeo Long & Deep Mascara in Black // [RRP $34.50]
I was very intrigued to try out this mascara, I had never heard of the brand before and couldn't believe that it actually came with a refill included in the box, which is great value for money. I actually really like this mascara, I find the wand very stiff and it grips onto the lashes well and coats each little lash evenly to provide a very black, lengthened but still quite natural look. You can build it up and it doesn't clump up much at all. It is also really great for getting the bottom lashes as the wand is quite slim. It is a really great mascara, and I probably won't need to repurchase for a while seeing as there is a whole extra tube included!

PRODUCT 004. MOR Essentials Collection Hand Cream in Blackcurrant Iris + Basil & Grape // [Full Size RRP $16.95 (80ml)]
I've used MOR handcreams before (currently have a tube on the go at the moment!) and they are lovely hand creams. They quite a thick formula but it sinks into the hands quickly and leaves them instantly moisturised. They do have very strong fragrances to them, but that doesn't linger on the hands very long. If you are looking for a good gift for someone, a wee set of these would be perfect!

PRODUCT 005. Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser // [Full Size RRP $26.95 (200ml)]
I'd tried an Avene cleanser before and it was really nice, so I had high hopes for this one. As the name suggests it is extremely gentle and it would be amazing for sensitive skin. The gel is oddly creamy in a way and it does a great job at removing traces of makeup left from pre-cleansing (i.e. with a Micellar Water) and just left my skin feeling very clean and soft and not dry at all. I'd really recommend this for sensitive skin and it is a great price, considering the quality of the brand.

PRODUCT 006. Bodyography Oxyplex Pressed Complexion Powder in Amber // [RRP $65.00]
Now initially I was a little disappointed when I opened up this pressed powder to find it to be a thousand times darker than my skin tone (ok, slight exaggeration), and I didn't think I was going to get any use from it. But, it didn't take me long to figure this matte pressed powder would actually make the perfect bronzer shade, and it does just that! It's matte, so perfect for contouring and it blends out very well, with the powder being extremely fine milled. As it is designed as a pressed powder it is not hugely pigmented, which means you can build up to as natural or as intensely dark as you would like. I wouldn't purchase this again, purely due to the price tag, as I feel there are many other great pressed powders and matte bronzers out there for a fraction of the price. This is a mineral product however, and for some people this would be well worth the money.

It really was a great first box from Violet Box. The amount of products included that were full sized was amazing, and there wasn't one that I disliked from the lot. If you are looking for a little surprise treat each month and have the $30 to spare, I'd totally recommend Violet Box!

Did you get a Violet Box for April? What did you think of the products?


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