LOLLIPOPS PARIS | Shiny Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Sometimes it just takes a good rummage around the bargain bins to find some great steals, these three lipsticks from Lollipops Paris were just that. While cruising the aisles of Farmers last month I came across a whole area of red stickered products that were seriously reduced and I also noticed these lippies in wee bundles together. They were marked down to only $3, yes, $3! I had never actually heard of the brand before and there were no testers for them so I had to do a bit of quick Google action whilst standing in Farmers to look up some reviews and swatches of the shades. There was hardly anything about them, but I managed to find the website and the shades looked nice, so I went for three out of, I think five, that they had on sale. And do you wanna know the best part? These originally were $29.99 each - utter craziness, and such a great deal.

Lollipops Paris is obviously a French brand, that started as a fashion accessories brand, that then branched into a range of makeup, from foundations to nail polishes and everything in between. I'd never actually seen a stand in Farmers before, it must be small and tucked away, but it is pretty cool that Farmers even stocks it. The packaging of these lipsticks is well thought out; they are extremely slim, meaning they will slip into any makeup or clutch bag and have a matte exterior. The bullet is covered in lips, with words running over it saying 'kiss my lips' which you have to admit is very cute.

The lipsticks themselves are described as 'Shiny Lipsticks' like a lipstick, lip gloss hybrid. I honestly did not know what to expect from these, and at $3 a pop, I didn't really mind, but they have pleasantly surprised. They are on the more balmy side of things, with a sheer finish that can be built up. They glide on super easy and by doing layers you can build up the desired coverage you want. The finish is on par with the Revlon Lacquer Balms, they have that similar feeling on the lips and are ultra glossy and shiny.  Due to the balmy formula and the shiny finish these don't last on the lips for ages, but they are so easy to reapply, you don't even really need a mirror!

This shade is an orangey red, with slight hints of a golden sparkle through out which just amplifies the shininess. This can be built up to the colour shown on the swatch or left as a hint of red to the lips.

This nude shade looks lovely on the lips. It does look a bit scary brown in the bullet, but as it is quite sheer on initial application, it looks like a very natural shade on the lips.

Of course, I am going to be pretty happy that I got this shade! It is just your standard pink, the website actually describes it as 'strawberry' but it definitely not very red! This shade did take a bit of building up on the lips to get the colour to show up on my natural lip colour, but it just helps to make them look a lot fuller and more uniform in colour.

At $3 each, I really can't believe the bargain that I scored! I definitely would not say they are worth their original $29.99 price tag, but if you can get them on sale, then snap them up! There are 8 shades available on the website, so the others must be available at Farmers as well (although I am uncertain of what ones in NZ actually stock the brand). I did actually see that NZ Sale had this brand as one of their sales a couple of weeks ago, so it may pay to keep an eye out on there if you are interested in these lip products.

Have you seen or heard about Lollipops Paris before? Would you be keen to try their products out?


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