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MAYBELLINE // Color Show Nail Polishes - cassandramyee

In my Brands Exclusive haul featuring L'Oreal and Maybelline (here) I mentioned that I bought a few nail polishes as well. I initially bought three, but then as a bonus a free one got thrown in. As well as the four from Brands Exclusive, I also got two other around the same time (Pinkalicious + Twilight Rays), so have decided to lump them all into one big nail polish filled post.

MAYBELLINE // Color Show Nail Polishes - cassandramyee

The Color Show range of polishes is no stranger to CM - I was lucky enough to win four bottles from the Sequins range (blog post here), and they have cropped up in a couple of NOTD post also (here + here). I think they are pretty darn great polishes and are also very affordable. The ones I bought via. Brands Exclusive were only $3.99 each, and they are around $8.50 - $9 at supermarkets, pharmacies and Farmers, which is still a good price for these polishes.

Each swatch of the six polishes shows 2 coats - a couple of them you could get away with 1 but I think 2 coats always looks better and makes them last a bit longer. The wear time is good, about 3-4 days before bad chipping starts to occur (depends on what type of activity you get up to though!) I always use a base coat (Orly Polish Bond all the way), and that extends the wear for at least another day.

MAYBELLINE // Color Show Nail Polishes - Pinkalicious - cassandramyee

PINKALICIOUS 170 - This was a supermarket purchase and is basically Barbie pink in a bottle - totally gorgeous.

MAYBELLINE // Color Show Nail Polishes - Downtown Brown - cassandramyee

DOWNTOWN BROWN 725 - I got this from Brands Exclusive and had no idea how amazing it was actually going to be in real life. It is an amazing duo-chrome polish with has a brown base, but colour shifts to green and blue, a super unique colour.

MAYBELLINE // Color Show Nail Polishes - Azure Seas - cassandramyee

AZURE SEAS 990 - This was a lucky freebie as I spent so much in my Brands Exclusive haul. I couldn't chose the colour and it was automatically added into my cart on checkout, but I'm pretty stoked with the colour. Perfectly described, it is a bright azure blue shade.

MAYBELLINE // Color Show Nail Polishes - Denim Dash - cassandramyee

DENIMS - DENIM DASH 10 - Another Brands Exclusive purchase, I hadn't seen this line of 'denim' finish polishes before, so was intrigued to see what they would be like. It dries down to a matte finish, that really does look quite denim-like. It has a darker blue base, with lighter teal micro shimmer through it.

MAYBELLINE // Color Show Nail Polishes - Sapphire Masquerade - cassandramyee

SEQUINS - SAPPHIRE MASQUERADE 830 - I could not go without ordering a glitter one from B.E. and this one has not disappointed. Like the other Sequins ones I have, this shade is equally as amazing. Unlike other glitters this goes on opaque with 2 coats, as it has a purpley/blue base with many pieces of varying shaped glitter packed into the bottle.

MAYBELLINE // Color Show Nail Polishes - Twilight Rays - cassandramyee

TWILIGHT RAYS 240 - My other supermarket purchase was this shade here; a dark black base with golden chunky bit of glitter saturated through out. It is a nice alternative to full on black nails.

The colours and finishes available in the Color Show range are pretty fantastic and if you're nail polish addict like me, you'll be wanting all the colours!

Do you own any of the Color Show Polishes? Any must have shades from the line?


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