NEW ADDITIONS #006 | Gemstones + Minerals

Only recently I shared an installment of my New Additions #005 and as a bit of a bonus post today, I have a whole bunch more gemstones and minerals to share that I have added into my collection. This is a bit of a collective one, over a couple of shopping trips but I thought I would lump them all together as they just look so darn pretty all in a big group.

When I saw this amazing triangle shaped off cut of NZ greenstone (or jade) I had to have it (random fact: triangles are my favourite shape, cue some Alt-J). Greenstone found in NZ is part of the nephrite jade family and is an extremely sacred stone here in NZ.

These are amazing crystals, the form over thousand of years over previously formed crystals which results in a ghost form of the crystal point within the quartz. These are found in many places, such as Austria and Brazil.

Apatite is made up of phosphate minerals and can come in a number of blue/green colours as well as violet occasionally. It is found in many places across the globe, with the main sources being Brazil, Burma and Mexico.

This is a tiny teardrop cut piece of moonstone that I got as I think it would make a really nice ring. I have a larger moonstone ring, which I love and a smaller one would be perfect. It is milky white but when you move it around it has amazing flashes of blues and pinks through it, much like opals. It is found in many parts of the world, most commonly in India.

Garnet is a very well known gemstone and is the birthstone for January. This is quite a large chunk that has been faceted all over, which really looks amazing. It looks almost black but is in fact an extremely deep red. Garnets can be found all over the world, with large deposits in Africa and they can also come in a variety of different colours such as green garnets.

This is a copper carbonate mineral, which explains its green colouring. They have incredible patterns through them when polishes up and look amazing as rings and pendants. Malachite is mostly found in Russia, along with other countries, such as Mexico, France and the USA.

This stone got its name from the chrysanthemum flowers, due to most of the patterns created resembling one. The piece I got however is much more separate and distinct with the white and black layers. It was first discovered in Japan but has now been found in China, Canada and USA.

Quartz is probably the most well known crystal of them all, it is simply a clear crystal and it is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust. Quartz encompasses a huge family of gemstones, including amethyst and citrine. Quartz is also supposed to be an amazing healing stone.

Tiger Iron is a bit of a hybrid stone, comprising of tiger's eye, red jasper and hematite, so it is filled with contrasting band that an amazing luster to them. It is found in South Africa and Western Australia predominantly.

Agates come in so many different forms, and blue lace is one of them. It has a beautiful soft blue colour with white layers running through it. It is found in Namibia and South Africa. It is seen a a very calming stone, for tranquility and balance.

There is quite a bit of quartz going on in this post; it goes to show how many varieties it can come in! This piece I have is light grey in colour with many different layers in white going through the stone.

I have a raw piece of fluorite (seen in the very first New Additions here, It is part of the fluorspar family and can come in many different colours. The piece I have is predominantly purple, but it has bits of green running through it. They are an amazing stone that can have really cool patterns within each one.

I have a large raw piece of rose quartz and it was actually one of the very first gemstones I brought (a while a go now!) I got a piece of tumbled one because it looks beautiful, I love the colour and it is also the love stone (so I'm expecting some loving to come my way!) Most of the rose quartz you can purchase comes from Brazil.

Finally I have a teeny tiny mini crystal cave, in the form of an agate. They don't look like much on the outside but once cut open they have amazing layers throughout the stone and the middle is like a tiny cave filled with quartz crystals. They can be found in a number of places including USA, Brazil and Mexico.

If you want to do a catch up on past New Additions posts, that all have various amounts of gemstones in them just use the search bar off to the right and type it in and they will all pop up for your viewing pleasure at the top!


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