NEW LOOK | Heels + Boots [via. ASOS]

Here's something you might not know about me, I have big feet. Big feet, that often result in a lot of shoes not fitting me or just looking super duper wrong, hence why I am very dubious about buying shoes online as more often than not, it always results in a mega fail. But despite all that, whilst browsing on ASOS (a common occurrence) I came across the New Look shoe section to find they stock UK 9 [NZ 11] in the majority of their shoes. I do own a pair of ASOS brand flats that are a UK9 and they fit really well, so I took the leap and initially ordered the boots, and then the heels not long after that. It is safe to say I love these shoes very much, and they fit like a dream.

I managed to get both of these when they were having a 25% sale [either that or 20%, I can't remember] and also I could use my UNIDAYS student discount with the heels too, so they worked out so much cheaper, plus my lovely Aunty gave me an ASOS voucher for my birthday in April, so that went towards these shoes (Thanks Steph!)

NEW LOOK Receipt Barely There Sandals // NZD $51.26
This particular pair of shoes I had been going back and forth on, a) would my feet be too big to pull off this style of shoe? and b) my toes are hella ugly, so would they just look stupid? I just loved the look of them way too much, so bit the bullet and ordered them - I am so glad I did. Surprisingly I think they look really great and are kind of flattering in a strange way - if you are blessed with great feet, then these would literally look incredible on you!

These have a hidden buckle (great detail) and they feel really secure on the feet despite there not being much holding you in. They are pretty comfortable, and the larger, chunkier heel gives you a bit more support than normal. Because they are black they will look great with anything and are a welcomed addition into my wardrobe.

NEW LOOK Casino Stone Metal Clip Heeled Boots // NZD $62.40
For the more practical side of things, these boots had my name written all over them. I love the tan colour and the thing that drew me to them was the gold hardware detail around the heel, which I have been seeing a ton from other shoe brands. I love these boots for everyday wear, but they also look great more dressed up, for drinks, dinner etc. I know I will be getting a lot of wear out of these this winter!

I am really impressed by the New Look shoes and I am so happy they go up to the larger sizes and don't just stop at a size 10! I also think for the quality and the look of these, the prices are really affordable too (esp. if you can use your student discount or get them on sale - always a bonus).

Do you take the risk and buy shoes online? What styles have you been loving at the moment?
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