VIOLET BOX | May '14 End of Month Review

The June Violet Box just arrived, so that means it is time to wrap up and review last months box. If you are unfamiliar with Violet Box then I suggest you go over to the May Unboxing + Initial Thoughts post here as that gives a bit of background to the subscription service and also swatches and close-ups of all the products. This service is NZD $29.50 [including postage] a month and the May box was packed with 6 items; 4 full sized and two samples at a value of approx. $77. There were a few hits and a couple of misses unfortunately, so here is the run down for each item.

PRODUCT 001. CK (Calvin Klein) One Gloss Eyecolor in 610 Loud // [RRP $26.50 (170g)]

Now this product was one of the misses for me, it just made no sense - a gloss eye pencil? Not really something that I would say would work and it definitely didn't. First off, the colour was quite unusable and just emphasized redness of the eyes and really just looked a bit like blood [sorry for the visual]. And although it glided on very smooth, it stays quite glossy and doesn't dry down at all, so is easily rubbed off; for my relatively hooded eyes this was never going to work out. 

THE VERDICT // Sorry CK but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone and it just seems like the most bizarre concept. 

PRODUCT 002. Argania Hair Oil // [Full Size RRP $37.00 (100ml)]

I've talked about this hair oil before and have already been through one of these mini bottles and really enjoyed it. I find a tiny bit goes a long way and it helps to give some nourishment to the ends of my hair where it needs it the most. It is handy size to have especially for travelling with and if you have dry/damaged hair I would suggest giving this a go. 

THE VERDICT // I would buy this small sized bottle again, and definitely consider getting the 100ml bottle as I could see it lasting a long time.

PRODUCT 003. Lash Control Clear Coat Mascara + Brow Fix // [RRP $26.00 (8.87ml)]

I had not heard about this brand before but really looked forward to trying it as I didn't have a clear brow gel, I only have my Gimme Brow, which is tinted. You can use this as a clear mascara or brow gel, but I don't see much point in clear mascara so this has been purely used as a brow fix and it does a really nice job. It has quite a wet formula but the idea is that you use the semi-translucent squeezy part to pinch in when you pull out the brush to determine how much of the actual product is on the brush. I usually give it a light squeeze and that gives a good amount to brush through the brows to set the hairs down. The best thing about it is that it doesn't make them look or feel crispy, but it keeps them tamed all day long. 

THE VERDICT // Although I enjoyed using it (and will continue to do so) for $26 I would most likely not repurchase it as it is a bit expensive for a clear mascara/brow gel.

PRODUCT 004. Nutri Synergy Natural NS-5 Cuticle + Nail Complex // [RRP $10.00 (15g)]

This nail and cuticle cream is my favourite product from the May box and it is exactly what my nails needed. I use this nearly every night and put a small dot at the base of each nail and then rub it on and around the entire nail. This product is aimed at seriously dry and cracked nails and although mine are in pretty good condition they lapped up this cream. I haven't had any hang-nails and they seems much more moisturised compared to just using a normal hand cream.

THE VERDICT // I'll definitely be repurchasing this once the tube is finished!

PRODUCT 005. Timeless Truth Q10 Stem Cell Extract Mask // [RRP $6.00 (30ml) - One Mask]

This must be designed for the tiniest of faces because it was SO small! I was having a right old laugh at myself when I decided to use it the other night to find the eye holes covering half my eyes and the mouth hole was basically up near my nose; it was a scary (and hilarious) sight. Apart from the fact that it didn't even fit, the sheet mask was so soaked in product, it made it slip and slide all over and I think even if it had fitted me it would have just slipped right off!

THE VERDICT // Definitely not for me, I think I will just stick to the wipe on/wash off type masks!

PRODUCT 006. Adorn Cosmetics Eye Create Intensive Shadow In Golden Quartz // [Full Size RRP $15.00 (1g) - Samples AUD $2.50]

The last product was a very cute pottle of eye shadow from Adorn; a brand I had never heard of. You can see the swatch in the Unboxing post, but it is a gorgeous medium brown that is packed with tiny bits of silver glitter. It has great colour pay off, but the finish is quite sheer so I found using this over top of a darker matte brown shade looked gorgeous; very sparkly and glitzy, perfect for a night out. The loose pigment can get a little messy, but it is worth the fuss!

THE VERDICT // Love that the brand is all natural and they ship worldwide so I would be keen to try out some more of their products and get a few more pots of these eye shadows, especially at only $2.50 each! It is a great way to try out different shades and finishes.

The May box was a bit of a mixed bag, 4 out of the 6 things I liked which isn't a bad ratio. I just can't get over how odd the Calvin Klein eye thingy was! Let's hope there are no strange surprises in the June box, unboxing and initial thoughts will be coming to your screens tomorrow!

Did you get the May box? What did you think of the products?


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