MOST LOVED | July '14

MOST LOVED // July '14 - CassandraMyee
This was definitely one of those super quick month's that just whizzed by, and on a whole, it treated me pretty darn well! July turned out to be the month of the palettes and I found myself reaching for a particular three during the month of July. Of course, there are a couple of other beauty products that made the cut of Most Loved, as well as a few non-beauty loves too.


EMPTIES JULY '14 - CassandraMyee
Background Image Credit | Kayla Newell

The end of month only means one thing - let's talk empties! At the start of the month I always think I am going to have nothing to share but I actually end up with lots of empty things. This month was a mix of hair, skincare and makeup that is making it's way to the rubbish bin.

COLLECTIVE HAUL | Nail Polishes [Feat. Sally Hansen, OPI + Nail Rock Caviar Nails]

COLLECTIVE HAUL // Nail Polishes [Feat. Sally Hansen, OPI + Nail Rock Caviar Nails] - cassandramyee

Over the past two weeks or so I have bought a handful of polishes, so I've lumped them together into one collective haul. I purchased them at various places and all for such cheap prices [always a bonus!]

MUA [MAKE UP ACADEMY] | New Luxe Velvet Matte Lip Lacquer Shades

MUA [MAKE UP ACADEMY] // New Luxe Velvet Matte Lip Lacquer Shades - CassandraMyee

New releases from brands are always so exciting and this particular one from MUA has been much anticipated by me! I have a lot of love for the recent Luxe line of products that they released late last year, and these Velvet Lip Lacquers are up there with some of my favourite lip products. I have the first drop of shades they made and a couple of months ago they announced four new shades that would be added to the line, and I was pretty darn excited!


I have gotta say this week was pretty great one, mostly down to the fact that my blog turned ONE years old on Tuesday and the response I am getting from my giveaway (shameless plug) is blowing me away! Although right now as I type this, I am surrounded by tissues and have a flaming red nose, that is not going to get me down and I shall solider on and round up the week that was!

VIOLET BOX NZ | July '14 - Unboxing + Initial Thoughts

VIOLET BOX NZ // July '14 - Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - CassandraMyee

Sunday's are always reserved for The Weekly Post Collective (which will be posted later) but I just couldn't wait to write this post! Yesterday I did an end of month review for the June box which was an all-round good one, but I think I can predict that this one is going to be pretty stand out! Violet Box is a monthly subscription service for NZ and Australia too, where you pay $25 a month, plus $4.50 postage.

VIOLET BOX NZ | June '14 - End of Month Review

VIOLET BOX // June '14 End of Month Review - CassandraMyee

The July Violet Box just got delivered by the courier, so it only means one thing - an end of month review of the June box! I swear I only got this like a week ago and the past four weeks have really flown by but I have used all of the products [bar one, apologies]. If you are new here, Violet Box is a monthly subscription where you pay $25 plus $4.50 for postage and get a box with samples, and often full sized products to try out. The June box had a total value of about $92, and overall the products were pretty good!

STILA COSMETICS | In The Moment Eyeshadow Palette - Swatches + Review

Now first off I have to give a thanks to my sister Emily, who gave me this palette for my birthday in April - she definitely knows me well! I have the beautiful (but battered) In The Light palette [which you can see the review with swatches right here]; the shadows are incredible quality and I knew that this one would be no different.

BEDROOM UPDATE | Mini Gallery Wall

BEDROOM UPDATE // Mini Gallery Wall - cassandramyee

I've had an obsession with walls filled with images for a very long. When I was younger my walls were covered in posters (many of them featuring Orlando Bloom, swoon), and then that progressed into this entire walls covered in photos that I would change up all the time. Each flat I moved into throughout university had huge photo walls as well (much to the landlord's dismay). Over the past year, browsing on Pinterest installed a love for the gallery wall aesthetic, so much so I have an entire board dedicated to them and after accumulating some beautiful prints and other bits and pieces I decided to curate one of my own.

The beauty behind a gallery wall, I think, is having an eclectic mix of prints, from the old and new, the bright and the monochrome, the large and the small. Contrast works well here and it really should be a mix of things that make you smile every time you look at it. Most of the frames are from The Warehouse; they're super cheap and do the job perfectly. I went with black and white frames and mats, to tie it all together and make the prints do all the talking.

CREAM BLUSHES | My Favourites + Tips & Tricks

CREAM BLUSHES // My Favourites + Tips & Tricks - Rimmel London, Napoleon Perdis, Almay, MUA, Tarte, Australis, Topshop - cassandramyee

For a very long time I was terrified of cream blushes, I didn't know what would be the best way to apply them so they would look natural and lumping a bunch of cream product onto my cheeks seemed like a daunting task, so I just stuck to good old powders. But after a bit of trial and area [and cheeks that were worthy of clown status] I feel much more confident when it comes to cream blushes and they have fast become my favourite way to blush - they provide a more natural appearance and last a bit longer than the powder counterparts.

[CLOSED] One Year Blogging Birthday + International Giveaway

One Year Blogging Birthday + International Giveaway - CassandraMyee

So who would have thought that a whole year later my little blog would be one year old!? It is crazy to think that one year ago today I pushed publish on my first ever post and 315 posts later, here I am! I'm immensely proud (and so surprised!) how much my blog has grown and the reception it gets puts a big ol' smile on my face on the daily. I remember getting my first comment from Charley and being over the moon that someone all the way over in the UK had read my little blog. Even now I get excited by every single comment I get and aim to reply to all of them! Creativity wise, it's been an amazing outlet for me; the photography, the editing and the writing giving me a break from writing essays and doing university work. I've also just about doubled my makeup and nail polish collection, my bank account hates me and the local courier knows my house pretty darn well.

So as a HUGE thank you to all you wonderful people out there I wanted to put together a few items to give away to one of you!

DRUGSTORE.COM + BEAUTY.COM | Haul + First Impressions

DRUGSTORE.COM + BEAUTY.COM // Haul + First Impressions - cassandramyee

By now you must know that I love shopping online, and more than that I love shopping online via. US sites. Now with having the services of YouShop, it makes it a lot easier to shop overseas and get a lot of different products to NZ that we would otherwise never be able to get here. I'd come across and a while back but finally took the plunge to make an order after reading Laura's haul she did from the site.

Both sites are connected by one checkout cart, so you can shop across them both with having higher-end products (Smashbox, NARS, Urban Decay etc) and with the cheaper 'drugstore' items (Maybelline, Wet N Wild, Revlon etc). They have got everything so I really had to restrain myself from not buying all the things and I whittled it down to some items I have had my eye on for a while.


Hello Sunday and hello Weekly Post Collective #012! There was a bit of nail polish action, some revelations into my new found appreciation for lip gloss and a couple of reviews in the mix.

E.L.F. STUDIO | Beauty Book Natural Look Kit - Review + Swatches

If you're a reader of CM, you would have already seen this in my latest (and rather large) iHerb haul (here) where I promised a review with swatches of this e.l.f. Studio Beauty Book in Natural Look. I am a big fan of e.l.f. products and use many on a regular basis and considering how cheap they are, the quality is generally really good.

NOTD | OPI Pamplona Purple + Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple

NOTD // OPI Pamplona Purple + Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple - cassandramyee

Pamplona Purple from OPI was actually one of the very first OPI nail polishes I bought and it definitely fueled an addiction to the brand soon after. I decided to give it a whirl on the nails again but had to add a bit of glitter just to spruce up the colour a bit.


GETTING INTO GLOSS - Model Co., Napoleon Perdis, Benefit,Hourglass, NYX, Bite Beauty - cassandramyee

If you've been a regular reader of CM, you would have heard me on a number of occasions exclaim my dislike for lip gloss - well now I think I need to eat my words as I am finally getting into gloss. To be honest, I was not expecting those words to come out of my mouth (or from my brain to my fingers typing this), but yes it is true; I've been dabbling in some lip gloss action and really enjoying it.

BENEFIT COSMETICS | Primping With The Stars Makeup Kit - Review + Swatches

Benefit have got to be the makeup brand that do the best mini products, in the cutest kits. I am a huge fan of these things, as it is a great way to try out decent sized samples of the products to see if you actually like them. This particular set, named Primping With The Stars, says that it is the All-Time Greatest 'Fake-Its' Kit and it comes with six deluxe sample products (including two of my faves - POREfessional and They're Real). I have included links to the US Benefit website with the US prices, as well as the NZ prices if you want to purchase the products at Smith & Caugheys.

LINDEN LEAVES | Herbalist Hand + Nail Treatment

LINDEN LEAVES // Herbalist Hand + Nail Treatment - cassandramyee

As a nail polish-a-holic, my nails and surrounding nail beds get pretty dry and damaged, so I need a hand cream that is super nourishing and moisturising as soon as I rub it into my hands and I think I have found a new favourite in the Linden Leaves Herbalist Hand & Nail Treatment*.

REVLON | $6 Nail Polish Bargains from The Warehouse

You probably know by now I can't resist a cheap bargain, so when I saw The Warehouse had $6 Revlon polishes, you know I had to grab a few! I really like the Revlon polishes and they make up quite a large chunk of my nail polish collection, they have a great colour range and have pretty good formulas - generally on the thin side and usually need two coats for them to be opaque.


THE WEEKLY POST COLLECTIVE // #011 - cassandramyee
This week on CM was a rather exciting one; with the dropping of the 'blogspot' part in my URL to now just becoming a .com, a few tweaks to my layout and header and introducing the Disqus commenting system. It was an all-round fantastic week, but sadly it is the final day of uni holidays and it's back to the study tomorrow.

LUST HAVE IT | Women's Beauty Box June '14 - Unboxing + Initial Thoughts

LUST HAVE IT // Women's Beauty Box June '14 | Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - CassandraMyee

If you are a regular reader of CM you will know that I love a good beauty box, and when I was contacted by Lust Have It to try out their Women's Beauty Box* service I jumped right on board as I am a sucker for these things. I had a heard a bit about Lust Have It after watching Chloe Morello talk about her own box that you can buy one off from the site, but I was totally unaware that they shipped outside Australia, so us NZ girls can enjoy this service as well!

BEAUTY REVIEW | Beauty Vault Haul + First Impressions

BEAUTY REVIEW // Beauty Vault Haul - cassandramyee

If you are in NZ and are a beauty lover, you need to sign up to be apart of Beauty Review*, it is a great online community where you can read and review products, chat to other like-minded people in the forums and also get the chance to get product to trial and then review. I've talked about it a bit more in depth on my past Rewards Vault haul here. BR opened up the Rewards Vault for the second time around in May where they had a whole bunch of various products you could get using the points you accumulate for participating on the site.

MAX FACTOR | Whipped Creme Foundation in 45 Warm Almond Review

Max Factor is a brand that I have really not tried much of at all, and only recently did I discover that actually Max Factor and Covergirl are basically just the same thing, where Max Factor is UK based and Covergirl is America/Canada based - hands up who knew that! So actually I have technically tried a lot of Max Factor as I really like Covergirl products (especially their mascaras!)

We can get both brand here in NZ (how very spoilt of us), and when this foundation got released a few months ago Farmers had it on offer for $20, down from its original price of $30. I've been using it a lot, so much so that I only have about a quarter of it left, so it is about time I actually shared some thoughts and opinions on this foundation.

WHAT'S IN MY BAG | Guest Post on Laura Laura Blog

This is just a quick PSA to share with you a guest post I wrote for an amazing blog - Laura Laura. When Laura contacted me and asked me to do a What's In My Bag post I was over the moon and so excited to even be included on her blog, as it's pretty darn amazing. She is a fellow New Zealand…

ART DECO | Bronzing Glow Blusher "Queen Of The Jungle" - Review + Swatches

Art Deco is a fairly new brand to me. Last month I blogged about their eyeshadows and (pretty amazing) magnetic beauty boxes and since then I have been browsing the Art Deco stand every time I am in Farmers. One particular thing that really caught my eye was this gorgeous Bronzing Glow Blusher and I won't lie, the packaging had me sold!

E.L.F. COSMETICS | iHerb Haul - Swatches + First Impressions

It is no secret, I love e.l.f. products and one place I love to shop from is iHerb, as they have great prices and cheap shipping worldwide. Their e.l.f. selection has just grown and you can get pretty much everything from the brand via. iHerb, so in this particular order I went a little crazy and brought quite a bit of stuff...


THE WEEKLY POST COLLECTIVE // #010 - cassandramyee
Woohoo, the Weekly Post Collective has hit double figures with round up number 10 coming at you today! I swear this week was over in one blink and as I am on holiday, I literally feel like I accomplished nothing - but that's what holidays are for right? There was a lot of beauty goodness on CM as I rounded out June with my Most Loved, Empties and Instagram round up and of course, had a few reviews in the mix as well.

My Travel Makeup Bag #004

So these Take A Peek posts are becoming a bit of a tradition on CM, with instalment numero four coming at you today. This was the makeup I packed when I traveled up to Auckland late in May (blogged about it here) and naturally it was hard to narrow the makeup choices down, so I ended up with a rather hefty makeup bag. I was away for five days, so surely it's justified right...?

NOTD | Rimmel 60 Seconds in Mysterious Girl

NOTD // Rimmel 60 Seconds in Mysterious Girl

First off, this nail polish just screams Autumn/Winter to me. I love these polishes that are so dark they look almost black and deep plums are so on point for the colder months.

MAC COSMETICS | Kelly + Sharon Osbourne Collection - Review + Swatches

MAC COSMETICS // Osbourne Collection - cassandramyee

So it seems like MAC have been churning out the limited editions collections over the past few months, and it is safe to say they have got me sucked right in. My MAC obsession is in full force right now and I find it hard to tear myself away from the website (and to not spend all of my money).  I am not a huge fan of the Osbournes, although I do love Kelly on Fashion Police, but when I saw what this collection looked like I knew I was going to need to buy at least one thing. I felt quite restrained when the collection was released in the US and only added three items to my cart and got them to me via. YouShop.

EMPTIES | June '14

NOTHING LEFT IN THERE // Empties June '14 - cassandramyee

To finish up my monthly wrap up for June, here are all the products that I emptied out in June. The majority of it is skincare as I seem to churn through that stuff and only a couple makeup items, but seeing as I mostly talk makeup and nails on CM, it is nice to chat skincare for a change! Also note, most of these products have been used over a course of months, not just in June; that'd just be bonkers to get through all this in 30 days!


INSTAGRAM ROUND UP // June '14 - cassandramyee
If you are new here, one thing you need to know about me is that I am obsessed with Instagram and love sharing a whole bunch of pics on the amazing app. June was packed with lots of snaps, so here is the round up!

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