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BEAUTY REVIEW // Beauty Vault Haul - cassandramyee

If you are in NZ and are a beauty lover, you need to sign up to be apart of Beauty Review*, it is a great online community where you can read and review products, chat to other like-minded people in the forums and also get the chance to get product to trial and then review. I've talked about it a bit more in depth on my past Rewards Vault haul here. BR opened up the Rewards Vault for the second time around in May where they had a whole bunch of various products you could get using the points you accumulate for participating on the site.

It was one stressful morning when they opened the Vault as they only had a very limited number of each item, like maybe only 2 or 3, where as some thing had 10 available - it was basically first in, first served. The website was slow, wouldn't load and kept crashing as I imagine there would have been a HUGE amount of traffic with all of us crazy beauty lovers trying to get on it. After an hour I finally managed to secure the things I wanted (after my cart emptying itself three times over as I tried to pay for the shipping) and I came out with three items to the value of $63 and all I had to pay was $9.95 for courier.I mean, c'mon you really can't complain about!

BEAUTY REVIEW // Beauty Vault Haul - Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion - cassandramyee

I had used a couple of sample sachets of this previously and knew that it was good so when I saw they had a few available I added one to the cart. This is, as the name suggests, an in-shower body moisturiser and I'm surprised no one thought about this before! It is a genius product and encourages me to moisturise everyday and it is perfect for when it's cold because who really wants to leave the comforting warmth of the shower if you don't have to?

BEAUTY REVIEW // Beauty Vault Haul - Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - cassandramyee

We had a sneak peek into the vault throughout the week before it opened and this was one of the products I really wanted to nab, as a $30 price tag is quite high. I haven't used this yet as it is winter so my legs have been covered but I can't wait til it gets a bit warmer to give this a try. It is basically makeup for your legs and I will likely do a more in-depth review on this once I have had the chance to bare my white legs to the world.

BEAUTY REVIEW // Beauty Vault Haul - Avon True Color Eye Shadow Duo in Warm Cashmere - cassandramyee

BEAUTY REVIEW // Beauty Vault Haul - Avon True Color Eye Shadow Duo in Warm Cashmere - cassandramyee

I actually got one of these in the last Reward Vault, so when I saw this colour duo I was all over it as these are shades I like to sport on the daily. The lighter shade is named Peach and the darker one is Iced Coffee; both of them have great pigmentation and have gold shimmer running through them so they work beautifully together. I'm not sure whether I would pay the $25 for only two shadows, but they are lovely so I am glad I could use my points on this one!

Overall I am stoked that I managed to even get one product as many people missed out, but I am sure they will continue to open up the Reward Vault so it's time to rack up some more points!

Are you signed up for Beauty Review? Were you lucky enough to nab any products?

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