BEDROOM UPDATE | Mini Gallery Wall

BEDROOM UPDATE // Mini Gallery Wall - cassandramyee

I've had an obsession with walls filled with images for a very long. When I was younger my walls were covered in posters (many of them featuring Orlando Bloom, swoon), and then that progressed into this entire walls covered in photos that I would change up all the time. Each flat I moved into throughout university had huge photo walls as well (much to the landlord's dismay). Over the past year, browsing on Pinterest installed a love for the gallery wall aesthetic, so much so I have an entire board dedicated to them and after accumulating some beautiful prints and other bits and pieces I decided to curate one of my own.

The beauty behind a gallery wall, I think, is having an eclectic mix of prints, from the old and new, the bright and the monochrome, the large and the small. Contrast works well here and it really should be a mix of things that make you smile every time you look at it. Most of the frames are from The Warehouse; they're super cheap and do the job perfectly. I went with black and white frames and mats, to tie it all together and make the prints do all the talking.

BEDROOM UPDATE // Mini Gallery Wall - cassandramyee

A few of them I simply downloaded from tumblr and Pinterest, other are my own photos or own works (i.e. the geometric gold glitter one, the Childish Gambino song quote, C'est La Vie and a few others) and the rest are ones I have bought.

The quad of perfume bottles are actually from a postcard set I got from Once It* and are from the amazing NZ artist Sarah Jayne Kavali (who's work I am obsessed with!) The print beside that is a wrapping paper I found at a craft store and is covered in building plans and sections from architectural great Andrea Palladio; I just cut it to fit the frame and love how it turned out. The bright pink and orange print that takes centre stage is by Oliver Gal, which I got from NZ Sale* and is very fitting saying 'Would you like to blog with me tonight?' in French. [I actually wrote this post a couple of days ago, but coincidentally just today Sarah Jayne Kavali Prints are back on Once It here and Oliver Gal is back on NZ Sale here - what perfect timing!]

BEDROOM UPDATE // Mini Gallery Wall - cassandramyee

My most recent print I got was this amazing designer handbag one above which is also from Sarah Jayne Kavali and another OnceIt purchase (they have so many great NZ artist prints on their sales).

BEDROOM UPDATE // Mini Gallery Wall - cassandramyee

As well as all of the framed prints I also mixed it up by using a bit of washi tape to stick some up (although they are actually held up with blu-tak), it means they are easy to change around and add more, plus the tape gives a bit of texture also.

I love collecting prints and bits of art work, so I'm sure this will be getting expanded on in the future! Do you have your own gallery wall in your home or flat?

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