BENEFIT COSMETICS | Primping With The Stars Makeup Kit - Review + Swatches

Benefit have got to be the makeup brand that do the best mini products, in the cutest kits. I am a huge fan of these things, as it is a great way to try out decent sized samples of the products to see if you actually like them. This particular set, named Primping With The Stars, says that it is the All-Time Greatest 'Fake-Its' Kit and it comes with six deluxe sample products (including two of my faves - POREfessional and They're Real). I have included links to the US Benefit website with the US prices, as well as the NZ prices if you want to purchase the products at Smith & Caugheys.

The packaging as you can see is adorable; the six products are housed in a book sized kit. It includes a big mirror and also tip and tricks on the best ways to use each of the products - perfect if it is your first venture into Benefit.

BENEFIT COSMETICS // Primping With The Stars Makeup Kit - Stay Don't Stray Primer - cassandramyee

Stay Don't Stray in Light/Medium // USD $26.00 [NZD $49.00 here]
This is unlike a product I have tried before. It is a normal primer for eye shadows, as well as under-eye concealers. The best way to use this is to dab it around the eye area and blend it out with your finger. It is very light weight and blends out very easily and as it says, keeps everything in place throughout the day.

BENEFIT COSMETICS // Primping With The Stars Makeup Kit - Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation - cassandramyee

Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation in Medium // USD $30.00 [NZD $57.00 here]
The only downside about this kit is the fact that this foundation is in the shade Medium, which is way to dark for my skin. It does feel creamy though and it is easy to blend; it goes on as a cream product but dries to a powder finish.

BENEFIT COSMETICS // Primping With The Stars Makeup Kit - The Porefessional - cassandramyee

The POREfessional // USD $31.00 [NZD $58.00 here]
One of the infamous Benefit products, is this pore minimizing primer. I absolutely love this primer and use it on a daily basis, it has quite a balm-like texture to it and is a light nude shade so it gives just a tiny bit of colour to even out the skin tone, while filling in those pesky pores. It is best used under foundation but you can also use it on top of foundation as well.

BENEFIT COSMETICS // Primping With The Stars Makeup Kit - Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter - cassandramyee

Girl Meets Pearl  // USD $30.00 [NZD $57.00 here]
This is a gorgeous pinky/pearl cream highlighter and is easily applied by dabbing a small amount up along the cheekbones.

BENEFIT COSMETICS // Primping With The Stars Makeup Kit - Benetint - cassandramyee

Benetint // USD $30.00 [NZD $57.00 here]
This may look a little scary in the pottle (and a bit like nail polish!) but Benetint is a cheek and lip tint, so it does double duty. It is rosey red shade and definitely stains the cheeks and lips leaving the colour on all day. It is best to just work one cheek at a time, dab the product up the cheeks and blend quickly as it sets very fast!

BENEFIT COSMETICS // Primping With The Stars Makeup Kit - They're Real Mascara - cassandramyee

They're Real! Mascara // USD $23.00 [NZD $43.00 here]
My holy grail of mascara is this particular one. I find it gives amazing volume and thickness to the lashes like no other mascara I have used. It has a stiff plastic brush, with the ball at the tip covered in bristles. This allows you to push up and coat the very smallest lashes near the inner corner and also get the bottom lashes. It doesn't clump, or flake and you'll need a pretty heavy duty eye makeup remover to get rid of it at the end of the night!

This set in unavailable on the actual Benefit website, but you can get it from Sephora here for USD $32.00. It is also available in New Zealand from Smith & Caugheys for $60.00 here. I have also reviewed the Cabana Glama kit here which is only USD $18.00 on the Benefit site.

Have you got any of the makeup kits from Benefit, or any of these products?
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