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DRUGSTORE.COM + BEAUTY.COM // Haul + First Impressions - cassandramyee

By now you must know that I love shopping online, and more than that I love shopping online via. US sites. Now with having the services of YouShop, it makes it a lot easier to shop overseas and get a lot of different products to NZ that we would otherwise never be able to get here. I'd come across Drugstore.com and Beauty.com a while back but finally took the plunge to make an order after reading Laura's haul she did from the site.

Both sites are connected by one checkout cart, so you can shop across them both with Beauty.com having higher-end products (Smashbox, NARS, Urban Decay etc) and Drugstore.com with the cheaper 'drugstore' items (Maybelline, Wet N Wild, Revlon etc). They have got everything so I really had to restrain myself from not buying all the things and I whittled it down to some items I have had my eye on for a while.

DRUGSTORE.COM + BEAUTY.COM // Haul + First Impressions - NARS Fairy Kiss Eye Shadow Palette - cassandramyee

NARS Eyeshadow Palette in Fairy's Kiss // USD $45.00 [approx. NZD $51.00]
This item was a real splurge for me and believe it or not, I have not tried a single NARS product but was desperate to do so. When I saw the shades in this particular one, I knew right away I was going to need it, the darker purple/plum tones will be a nice change from the usual browns and neutrals. The six shades included are Manosque, Tokyo, Kalahara, Brumes, Pandora and Brousse. The overall quality of these shadows seem amazing and I will have a full review coming soon!

DRUGSTORE.COM + BEAUTY.COM // Haul + First Impressions - EOS Lip Balm - cassandramyee

DRUGSTORE.COM + BEAUTY.COM // Haul + First Impressions - EOS Lip Balm - cassandramyee

EOS 2014 Limited Edition Spring Lip Balm 2-Pack // USD $5.99 [approx. NZD $6.80]
I have one of these lip balms but could not pass up this amazing package and trying a couple more scents. The two included are Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit - both smell amazing! I find these really nice lip balms, not as moisturising as some but they do the job and the packaging of them is very unique.

DRUGSTORE.COM + BEAUTY.COM // Haul + First Impressions - Maybelline Baby Skin Primer - cassandramyee

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser // USD $5.99 [approx. NZD $6.80]
My main aim for shopping on drugstore.com was purely to get one these primers. I am 99% sure these will not be released in NZ, which is a real shame (why do we always have to miss out?) I've read a bunch of reviews and of course, it is constantly being compared to the higher end Benefit Porefessional so I plan on giving this a good run for its money to see how (or if) it lives up to its claim to be 'pore erasing'.

DRUGSTORE.COM + BEAUTY.COM // Haul + First Impressions - Maybelline Baby Lips - cassandramyee

DRUGSTORE.COM + BEAUTY.COM // Haul + First Impressions - Maybelline Baby Lips - cassandramyee

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch + Baby Lips Electro in Strike A Rose // USD $3.99 each [approx. NZD $4.60]
We have Baby Lips here in NZ but they look quite a bit different from the US counterparts (review of our ones here). The ones we have available to us I believe are the Asian ones and seem to be bit different in formula too. The NZ ones are more like a straight lip balm with no colour, with the exception of the Glow and Color formulas which are closer to the US offering. I went for two different ones and both surprisingly have quite a bit of colour payoff once on, especially Strike A Rose. 

DRUGSTORE.COM + BEAUTY.COM // Haul + First Impressions - Smashbox Fade To Black Fade In Palette - cassandramyee

Smashbox Fade To Black Photo Op Eyeshadow Palette in Fade In // USD $21.00 [approx. NZD $24.00]
Now, this item takes the cake for the best bargain I've got in a long time! I couldn't believe when I saw the price on sale was only $21 for a palette that to buy in NZ is $85.00, so no wonder it is now sold out on beauty.com! It contains seven shadows all in the neutral territory and all beautiful; I can predict this one becoming a fast favourite of mine.

Using YouShop on this site was super easy; I just had to use the YouShop address as my billing (this might result in a bit of trouble for some people, depending on the bank and card). It got to the warehouse in a matter of days and the parcel only came to $22.00 to ship over to me. I will totally be ordering from the sites again as you can get free shipping, earn cashback and get free samples also, plus the range they have is extensive!

Have you ordered from these two sister sites before? Or have you tried any of the items I bought?
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