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E.L.F. COSMETICS // Top 5 Must Haves - cassandramyee

If you are after affordable, but high quality makeup products, look no further than e.l.f. (eyelipsface). It is no secret that I love many things from this brand, and today I'm comin' attcha with my Top 5 from the brand. This was definitely a hard one to narrow down and I've cheated a little by adding in some honorable mentions at the end. They're also in no particular order, because ranking them would be an even harder task!

E.L.F. COSMETICS // Top 5 Must Haves - cassandramyee

The 'Studio' line from e.l.f. is the stand out from the brand, although the normal 'Essential' line also has some great products. The Studio line offers a higher quality product and also better packaging. e.l.f. products can be found at Kmart, or online from Beauty Bliss in NZ, which is especially good if you want quick delivery (like overnight delivery quick!) And if you're after a number of items, or are internationally based then buying online from Beauty Joint and iHerb* is a good way to go, and prices range around the USD $3.00 mark.

E.L.F. COSMETICS // Top 5 Must Haves - Blushes - cassandramyee
I recently did a post raving about these blushes and the six that I own, which also includes swatches of the shades here. I love these for a lot of reasons; the cheap price, the colour range, and the quality stands up to any of my higher end blushes. My favourite shades would have to be Tickled Pink and Pink Passion.

E.L.F. COSMETICS // Top 5 Must Haves - High Definition Undereye Setting Powder - cassandramyee
I finally got onto this after watching Shaaanxo use it multiple times in her videos. At first it looked a little scary and very glittery but I find this barely transfers onto the skin and it does a mighty fine job at setting the under-eye concealer and keeping it crease free all day. As well as setting every in place, it also brightens the under-eye area. This was a product I didn't know I would need until I had it in my life!

E.L.F. COSMETICS // Top 5 Must Haves - Studio Brushes - cassandramyee
Devotedly a Real Techniques girl, the brushes that come in second to those are e.l.f ones from the Studio range. You can get them in brush sets or you can purchase them individually, which is what I have been doing and adding them into my collection a couple at a time. Each one impresses me more and more; they are so soft, have no bristle fall out and wash up good as new with some warm water and baby shampoo. The Complexion Brush is the perfect one for bronzing and the Blush Brush has just the right amount of taper to it that it makes contouring a breeze. The Stipple Brush is my must have for cream blushes and the eye shadows brushes are great for packing on colours.

E.L.F. COSMETICS // Top 5 Must Haves - Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black - cassandramyee
This liquid liner is from the Essential line and it comes in at around USD $2. It is my go-to for liquid liner and I've been through a couple of these over the past year or so. The pen nib is stiff enough that it can create a precise line that is densely black on first swipe and it doesn't budge all day.

E.L.F. COSMETICS // Top 5 Must Haves - Makeup Mist & Set - cassandramyee

I've been through a few bottle of this, and use it while I'm doing my makeup to set it between stages, when I've finished my whole face, and then throughout the day to refresh my skin. It has a pretty fine mist that sets down in around 30 seconds, and although I don't think it prolongs the wear of my makeup for much longer, it definitely helps to keep the face from looking too cakey or powdery; it just makes everything settle down to where it should be. This is also a good one to carry in your bag over the warmer months; during the summer I'm spritzing this like crazy!


E.L.F. COSMETICS // Top 5 Must Haves - Honourable Mentions - cassandramyee
The formula on these are unlike any other matte product; they're matte without drying out the lips and the colour sticks around for a good amount of time. There are a few other shades but this Natural one is that perfect 'your lips but better' shade and just works with any sort of makeup look you are going for.

You can tell that e.l.f. have drawn a lot of influence and inspiration from NARS, especially in these duos (and also in their Studio Blushes). This is a perfect duo, with a peachy pink, slightly shimmery blush and a near matte bronzer. They both blend onto the skin easily, and this compact makes a great travel companion (the large mirror is a total bonus!)

E.L.F. COSMETICS // Top 5 Must Haves - Honourable Mentions - cassandramyee

Loose powders can be a little tricky and messy to use and this one would have made the Top 5 but the packaging really lets it down - it's cumbersome and the powder goes everywhere. But I have to overlook that because the actual powder inside is amazing. It is an extremely fine, translucent powder that feels like silk once you put it on the skin. It sets everything down and just seems to blur pores and uneven areas - it's a bit magic if you ask me (I just wish the packaging was better!)

So that is my [current] Top 5 products (plus a few extra) that you all need to check out from e.l.f. The range is immense and there are so many other products I need to try out!

What would be your Top 5 from e.l.f.? Or what would be your one recommendation to buy from the brand?

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