LUST HAVE IT | Women's Beauty Box July '14 - End of Month Review

LUST HAVE IT // Women's Beauty Box July '14 | End of Month Review - CassandraMyee

Time definitely got away from me this month and I realised I hadn't posted my End of Month Review for the Lust Have It July Women's Beauty Box* - so finally, here it is, very long overdue! You can see more in-depth photos and my initial impressions in this post here, and overall I was really impressed with it. The items included added up to a total of NZD $80.00, which is great value for a $19.95 subscription box (well, technically bag).

001. Marsk Mineral Eye Shadow in Black Comedy // [RRP $24.95 (1.2g)]
This teeny pottle is actually a full sized product, and on swatching I was blown away by the pigmentation. The colour is matte and densely black, but it blends out well on the lid, or it can be used as a soft liner. As it is a mineral shadow, and is loose pigment, it can get a tad messy (be careful opening the lid, it can go everywhere!) I find the best way to work with these sorts of mineral products, is use what you get in the lid - it makes it much easier to control how much you are getting on your brush and you can tap off any excess colour if needed. 

002. Mary Kay Lip Lacquer in Pink Pagoda // [RRP $22.00 (4g)]
This was one brand I was very excited to see included as it's not available in NZ, but I've seen a lot about it (particularly due to the latest season of Project Runway, as they are doing all the makeup!) Initially I thought this was going to be very pigmented, but it is more of a sheer, thick gloss texture. The additional retractable lip brush is genius, and I'll be getting a lot of use out it! The actual lip lacquer goes on smoothly to the lips, you can build up the colour, but it still remains relatively sheer. It has a hint of stickiness to it, but it's nothing horrible. The colour is lovely, so overall very happy with this one!

003. Ardell Self-Adhesive Eyelashes // [RRP $9.99 per pair]
I knew from the moment I saw these, we weren't going to get along. I am hopeless when it comes to applying falsies - I've only had a few successes in my time, and most of the time I can never be bothered with the hassle and frustration. I really love the look of these, they are relatively natural and they promise to be easy to apply, but I just found there wasn't enough self-adhesion to really make them stay. I think I need to get a good eyelash glue to use with these because I just could not get them to stay in place (but this could be down to my horrible applying skills!)

004. Lonvitalite C9 Crystal Moisturising Hand Mask // [RRP $7.50 per pair]
I'm not sure how many of you have heard about 'hand masks', because I certainly hadn't! These are basically MJ style gloves, soaked in the moisturising solution, that you wear for around 20-30 minutes. I couldn't do anything with my hands during the time I was using them because they were so soaked in product, and it was getting on everything. I liked the idea of them, but I think a really good moisturiser will give you the same result - after I took them off they felt soft, but it was nothing special.

005. Happy Skincare 'Pig-In-Mud' Mineral Mask // [Full Size RRP $24.75 (40g)]
I'm a huge fan of clay masks, but have never used one that you mix up yourself. This pack came with resealable sachets (more samples need to do this) and a paint brush to apply the mask. The sachets say they should give two uses but I only got one use, which was all my own fault as I added to much water, so had to add more of the clay powder. Lesson learnt - make sure you measure correctly! You have to give it a good mix up, and keep it quite watery so it applies evenly. Once applied, it started to dry up in about 5 minutes and by 10 minutes it was cracking and ready to be washed off. Afterwards my skin felt seriously smooth and I did notice a difference in the pore around my nose and the blackheads (yuck) seemed to be reduced quite a bit! I'll definitely be looking into this brand further and am keen to grab a full sized of it.

006. Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion // [Full Size RRP $79.95 (150ml)]
Aveda is a brand I've only heard good things about, and at such a high price for the full sized of this lotion - I had high hopes! Being a lotion, it is much lighter than you're average moisturiser which I prefer to use during the day as I have oily/combo skin. It had a nice subtle, light, typical skincare scent, the lotion soaked into the skin fast and left it feeling hydrated. I did notice throughout the day I was getting a bit oily than normal, so it's not the best at oil control and would be much better suited to normal/dry skin.

Lust Have It is an amazing subscription service; this bag had a healthy mix of makeup and skincare, with generous samples and full sized products. I think it is one of the better services out there especially for us NZ gals. If you would like to sign up for Lust Have It, you can use the code CASSMYEE to receive $5 off your first box.

Have you used any items from the July bag? Do you received a Lust Have It subscription each month?

*This was sent to me by Lust Have It.

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