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MAKEUP REVOLUTION // Haul + First Impressions - CassandraMyee

Makeup Revolution has been on my radar ever since it began earlier in the year. I first heard of them after they started following me on Twitter (shameless plug), and after that, they were cropping up on so many UK blogs. It's UK based brand and is much like MUA [makeup Academy] offering very affordable makeup products. Makeup Revolution has many 'dupes' or copies of higher-end brands, they offer the Iconic 1, 2 + 3 palettes, that have almost identical colours to the Urban Decay ones, and there is also a very similar I Heart Chocolate palette √† la Too Faced - and that's just the beginning with lots products that make you think "I'm sure I've seen that before...". Prices start at £1, and a couple of weeks ago they had free international shipping with orders over £20, so I finally made the plunge and ordered a few products to try out.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION // Haul + First Impressions - Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blushes - CassandraMyee

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts in Blushing Heart + Peachy Keen // £4.99 each [approx. NZD $9.96]
Taking some inspiration from Too Faced, these are triple baked blushes that include three different shades within the heart shape. They are both shimmery, but not glittery and they have great pigmentation. The heart shape is just so cute, although they are a bit difficult to store nicely with all of my other blushes!

MAKEUP REVOLUTION // Haul + First Impressions - Vivid Baked Blush + Highlighter - CassandraMyee

Vivid Baked Blush in All I Think About Is You // £2.50 [approx. NZD $4.99]
I'm a blush fiend and went a bit crazy for all the blush options (see below). I've gotta say the packaging of these 'Vivid' products is really high and the plastic feels extremely sturdy, so I'm very impressed with that. This blush looks beautiful and I love the mixture of colours swirled through it.

Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights // £3.00 [approx. NZD $5.99]
I've been loving highlighting lately and had heard great things about these particular ones. There are three shades, but I went for this one that has a bit of a pinky glow to it.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION // Haul + First Impressions - Powder Blush + Cream Blush - CassandraMyee

Powder Blush in Now! // £1.00 [approx. NZD $2.00]
I couldn't pass up a blush for only £1! There are six shades to choose from, but I went for this one that is dusky pink with just a hint of shimmer. It applies really well from what I've tried so far and really impressed considering the price!

Cream Blush in Framboise Shake // £1.50 [approx. NZD $2.99]
I've only used this once but the pigmentation was crazy and I went a little overboard as I didn't expect it to be so good! It blended out well and gave a gorgeous pink colour to the cheeks.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION // Haul + First Impressions - Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray - CassandraMyee

Pro-Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray // £5.00 [approx. NZD $9.98]
I do like my e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set but I get through the 60ml bottle pretty quickly, so I love that this one is a larger size. The mist is fine but it sprays out quite aggressively. As far as making my makeup last longer I am still going to give this some more test runs, but it seems good so far!

MAKEUP REVOLUTION // Haul + First Impressions - Lipstick in Flashing - CassandraMyee

Amazing Lipstick in Flashing // £1.00 [approx. NZD $2.00]
They have an insane amount of lip products in all sorts of finishes and colours etc so I went in blind and just picked a random colour to try. It is a standard bright pink, the formula is very creamy and goes on quite sheer, but it can be built up.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION // Haul + First Impressions - Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Magnificent Copper - CassandraMyee

Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Magnificent Copper // £4.00 [approx. NZD $7.99]
Does anyone recognise the brand who did these originally? (it's Stila by the way...) Basically, this comes with a tray and a mixing liquid that you mix with the eyeshadow to create a foil-like finish on the lids. I can't wait to give this a go and I'll have a full review on it soon!

Overall I am really impressed with the products, and shipping arrived in about a week and a half from the UK. They ship internationally for £7.95 (around NZD $16), but if you keep an eye out they will probably have free shipping offers every now and then. I'll have full reviews of each of these products in due course once I've given them a good test run!

Have you got anything from Makeup Revolution?
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