MAYBELLINE | The Mega Plush Volum'Express Mascara in Very Black - Review

MAYBELLINE // The Mega Plush Volum'Express Mascara in Very Black | Review - CassandraMyee

When it comes to makeup items, mascara is one of my all time favourites. I think you can put on all the foundation, blush, bronzer [etc..] on in the world but never be complete with a good coating of mascara (or three). I love testing out new ones, but once you open a tube you gotta use it quick or else you can be left with a dried out mess in no time. I've had this particular one from Maybelline stashed away for a while and have been using it over the past couple of months, so here is my final verdict.

So what does the Mega Plush Mascara promise? Quite simply, massive and supple volume by using a 'revolutionary gel-mousse formula'. Maybelline mascaras have generally really impressed me in the past, I specifically love the Colossal one, but this one I am a bit ho-hum about; it's good, but not great.

The thing that is noticeably different on this mascara is the brush; it is very full of bristles and extremely flexible. It can almost bend at a 90 degrees and I understand the thought behind it but I think it would be a helluva lot better without the bendy middle. The brush, although it looks quite clumpy, doesn't clump up much at all on the lashes (I am usually going in with 3 to 4 coats) and I think this is down to the smooth formula. The bristles hold a lot of product and grip each lash and coat them black in almost one swipe but the flexibility of the brush hinders your ability to really work it up and through the lashes like any normal mascara. As you can see from the image above, it definitely adds thickness and a bit of volume at the base but doesn't necessarily give me the curl or length I want from a mascara.

So overall, on the average side, the bending brush really lets it down, but will I keep using it? Yes, it gives a good amount of blackness and definition to the lashes that can get me by. Will I repurchase it again? Nope, I think there are many more mascaras out there better than this one. I have a couple other Maybelline ones to try in my stash, including The Rocket and The Falsies, and I am hoping they will perform a bit better than The Mega Plush. This mascara can be found at all Maybelline stands for NZD $23.99.

I want to hear if you have used this mascara before, did it do much for your lashes? 
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