NOTD | Two Toned Split Nails - Ciaté Ferris Wheel + MUA Ameretto Crush

NOTD // Two Toned Nails | Ciaté Ferris Wheel + MUA Ameretto Crush - CassandraMyee

This manicure was utterly inspired by Lily Pebbles's Split Pastel Nails she featured a couple of months ago on her blog. It seemed like a simple way to incorporate two shades, and it makes it look like you put in a lot of effort into your manicure (when really you didn't!)

NOTD // Two Toned Nails | Ciaté Ferris Wheel + MUA Ameretto Crush - CassandraMyee

The colours I chose I thought would work great together and I'm really pleased with the overall effect. First off I went in on half of my nail with Ciaté Ferris Wheel and alternated the colour on each side. This step didn't require any accuracy, basically just get it as close to half covered as you can, or you could just paint the whole nail the lighter of the two shades. After that dried I took the darker shade from MUA (Make Up Academy) in Ameretto Crush, and took it a bit slower to try and get as close to a straight line as possible by just using the tip of brush. It definitely took a steady hand, and there are a few obvious wobbles, but with a bit of patience you can get them pretty even. You could go in with some tape to get a completely straight line if you are worried about wobbling all over the place.

If you want to venture into a little bit of nail art, I think this is a good step and it requires no extra tools. It is particularly good if you can't decide on the colour to paint your nails - just go with two!

What colour combos would you go for if you were to do this manicure?
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