NYX | Jumbo Eye Pencil Collection + Swatches

NYX // Jumbo Eye Pencil Collection + Swatches - cassandramyee
I've talked about these before on my blog, but they've been quite brief in haul posts so I thought I should do a more in-depth review of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, as well as share some swatches of the five that I've got in my collection.

NYX // Jumbo Eye Pencil Collection + Swatches - cassandramyee

NYX have an extensive range of products, the colours ranges they offer is pretty amazing and they are all extremely affordable! The Jumbo Eye Pencils are no different, these retail for USD $4.00 - $5.00 and are worth that and more in my eyes (ooh, nice pun there). The Eye Pencils can be used as liners, or as all over cream shadows, which is how I prefer to wear them. They glide on extremely easily without dragging the lid and blend out well. These can be prone to creasing, so I always use a good eyelid primer underneath to lock in the shadow and keep them from sliding around throughout the day. That is the one downside, but the pros totally out-way the one con on these. As sharpening these goes, although they have a plastic packaging they can be sharpened in one that has a large hole (e.l.f. does a great one here).

NYX // Jumbo Eye Pencil Collection + Swatches - cassandramyee

NYX // Jumbo Eye Pencil Collection + Swatches - cassandramyee

619 Rust - A deep cranberry with a subtle shimmer.
630 Cashmere - A light shimmery gold.
625 Sparkle Nude - A rosey gold bronze.
604 Milk - White with no glitter or shimmer - makes a great base for so many shadows.
611 Yogurt - The first one I got and one of my favourites - A pale bronze, quite similar to All That Glitters from MAC.

As you can see they have great pigmentation and you can really build up the colour. They work well on their own or as a base for other shadows on top. There is a total of 28 shades, so there is shade to suit everyone ranging from brights to some amazing neutrals! I am eyeing up (stop with the puns already) a few other shades, but there are far too many I like the look of!

You can buy these from the NYX website if you are in US for USD $4.50, or via. Beauty Joint, which ship worldwide. If you want them straight away, Beauty Bliss here in NZ stock a small selection of shades (including Milk, Yogurt + Rust).

Do you have any of the Jumbo Eye Pencils? Any must haves shades that I need to get next?
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