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Monday, 13 October 2014

LINDEN LEAVES // Clay Cleansing Masque Review - CassandraMyee

I love a good face masks, especially the clay kind so when this Linden Leaves Clay Cleansing Masque* arrived in the mail, I knew I was going to love it. Linden Leaves is an amazing natural skincare brand based in NZ and I have talked about a few of their products before, with each one always impressing me with the quality and the results.

LINDEN LEAVES // Clay Cleansing Masque Review - CassandraMyee
LINDEN LEAVES // Clay Cleansing Masque Review - CassandraMyee
LINDEN LEAVES // Clay Cleansing Masque Review - CassandraMyee

This 55ml clay masques comes in a simple squeezy tube which makes dispensing the product a lot easier than a few I have in pot form. LL offer two face masks a Moisture Replenishing Masque for drier skins and this Clay Cleansing Masque aimed at more oily/combination skin and both are suited for sensitive skin as well. My skin definitely fits in the latter of the categories and I always looks for a face mask that will deep clean and remove oil and gunk build up in my pores and this masque does just that. The main ingredients include; comfrey extract for skin nutrition and cell regeneration, kaolin to absorb and purify excess oil production and maunka oil, which is a brilliant ingredient in healing the skin.

I try and use this on a weekly basis, sometimes even two times a week if my skin is particularly bad (usually around that lovely time of the month...) As with any other mask it is best to cleanse the skin first, and this one works best applied when the skin is left slightly damp. The masque feel light to apply, spreads out evenly and within about five minutes it starts to dry on the face and has an almost chalky feeling to the skin. It's one of the fastest drying masks I've used and within 10 minutes it's ready to come off (any longer it starts feeling very uncomfortable). It removes easily with a warm, wet flannel and afterwards my skin feels a lot cleaner and I always notice the pore around my nose don't look so open. A few times I have used it, the next day I have woken up with a few small spots, but I just put that down to the mask actually pulling out the nasties in my skin and in a day or so they are all cleared up.

At NZD $34.99, this masque is really affordable and I can see I'll be getting a lot of use out of this tube. You can purchase this in pharmacies and other stockists in NZ, or online where they ship worldwide.

Do you have a favourite clay mask? Have you tried this one?

*Product sent to me for consideration to review.


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