ROSE GOLD NAILS - CassandraMyee

As much as I love pastel coloured nails and chunky glitter polishes, there is something amazing about a good metallic, sheeny nail. These three picks from my stash are my favourite rose-gold hued polishes for when I want to get a bit fancy on my fingers. I think they make great colours for Spring and offer something just a bit different from silver or gold.

ROSE GOLD NAILS - CassandraMyee

ROSE GOLD NAILS - CassandraMyee

MAYBELLINE MNY 461 | This one leans more to the golden coppery side, but it still has that hint of rose tone through it. This needed two coats and went on smoothly, but did leave a few streaky marks, but a top coat will even that all out.

ORLY RAGE | Possibly one of my favourite nail colours I own (big call!) comes in this gorgeous nail colour. I have done a whole NOTD post wearing this (way back in the day!), see it here. You can get away with one coat, but two is always the way to go. This one has a lot more of a shimmery look to it than the other two.

ESSIE BUY ME A CAMEO | Close in shade to Rage, this one is definitely more of a metallic finish rather than a shimmer that Rage gives off. Two coats and job done, and like MNY 461, a top coat will just help to even out any streaky lines that seems to be a common thing with metallic polishes.

Do you have rose-gold hued polish you love?

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