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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

ARTDECO // New Lip Innovators | Review - CassandraMyee

ARTDECO is a brand I've been a big fan of since stands started popping up in Farmers last year, although I've only tried a few products (see reviews for their eye shadows here and Bronzing Glow Blusher here) I've really loved them. A brand new release is hitting stands this November dubbed the Lip Innovators*, three lip products designed to help enhance and transform the lips.

ARTDECO // New Lip Innovators | Review - CassandraMyee

Glossy Lip Volumizer // RRP $25.00
I've not really got into the whole lip plumping products, so was excited to try this. As a gloss goes it is spot on, not too sticky, with just a hint of pink colour to it, which means you can layer it over a number of different lip shades. As far as plumping goes, it contains hyaluronic acid and wild mango butter to help plump up the lips, but to be honest it doesn't do much in that department. But the gloss definitely helps to make the lips look a bit fuller and poutier (is that even a word?)

ARTDECO // New Lip Innovators | Review - CassandraMyee

Color Booster Lip Balm // RRP $19.00
This comes in first place as my favourite from the three (my Mum also wanted to steal it from me); this is one of those pH colour adjusting balms that works with your natural lip colour to enhance it as well as moisturise the lips. It smells like spearmint, has a very light pink colour and, on me it goes a slightly darker natural pink colour. This one is a great everyday staple and one that you don't need to worry about throughout the day. I really love the packaging of these too, the silver tubes are sleek and they feel and look expensive.

ARTDECO // New Lip Innovators | Review - CassandraMyee

Lip Filler Base // RRP $25.00
In one simple description, this works as a primer for your lips. It has the typical silicon feel like other face primers have, with a light flesh tone that barely translates once applied. It glides on easily and helps to fill in fine lines and is the perfect companion for matte lipsticks, as well as your normal creamy ones that go on a lot easier after using this as a base. This would be a great one for more mature ladies.

These Lip Innovators should be on stands in Farmers from now and they make the perfect companion for your lipsticks!

Have you used ARTDECO makeup before? What Lip Innovator would you choose?

*PR Sample.


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