The WPC has now reached the ripe old age of the big 3-0! Can't believe that means 30 weeks has gone by since I first started doing this on Sunday's to round out the week that was! Currently I am in America (this was pre-written before leaving; I was very organised) and I imagine that I have spent a lot of time slash money in Sephora/Ulta/MAC/The Drugstores, so you can expect some exciting blog posts coming your way in December!

This palette is packed with shades and tones that just scream Autumn and Winter, and the pigmentation is just amazing!

18th November '14 // The Nude Lip Round Up
A couple of weeks ago I talked nude nails, this week I'm talking nude lip shades and some of my favourites.

Another LHI bag arrived packed with some great products, I did the usual run down on the contents and my thoughts on each product.

I've been sitting on this review for a while; it's a mixed one... have a read and see for yourself.

21st November '14 // NOTD OPI Do You Lilac It?
Of course, the week would not be complete without a nail of the day post!

22nd November '14 // Sleek Pout Polish in Bare Minimum
To finish the week, I talked some more lips, sharing this tinted lip balm/gloss hybrid from Sleek Makeup.

I hope you enjoyed this past week of posts, I am back in the middle of next week where I will be posting properly and not relying on a lot of scheduling!

What was your highlight of the week?
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