USA HAUL #002 | MAC - Heirloom Mix Collection + More

USA HAUL #002 // MAC - Heirloom Mix Collection + More- CassandraMyee

I don't think you could take a trip to the US without a stop off (or two) at MAC. As per yesterday's post, this week is haul week, sharing with you all some of the purchase I made while on a week's holiday to San Fran and Seattle. Now I definitely made a couple of trips to the MAC stores and also the counters they had in Nordstrom, Macy's and other department stores. I had a little list of things I for sure wanted to buy, but of course, was tempted by a few extra products too!

USA HAUL #002 // M.A.C - CassandraMyee

USA HAUL #002 // M.A.C - 4 Pan Quad - CassandraMyee

Buying this was one of the main things I wanted to pick up, as it is a lot cheaper than buying in NZ (well, all of it was much, much cheaper than NZ!) I have an amazing 15 pan palette (see it here + here), but it's not the most travel friendly, so I'm glad I can just pick out four of the pans and use this one for travelling with.

USA HAUL #002 // M.A.C - Soft & Gentle - CassandraMyee

I love a good highlighter and after hearing great things about this one, I knew I was going to have to buy it! It has an amazing golden sheen to it and looks pretty darn amazing on the cheeks. It was instant love with this one!

USA HAUL #002 // M.A.C - Lipsticks - Please Me + Patisserie - CassandraMyee

I couldn't have gone to MAC and not bought another couple of lipsticks! I went for some popular shades, Please Me, which is a matte finish, and Patisserie, which is a lustre finish. Both shades are stunning and ones I am glad to have in my ever growing MAC lipstick collection.

USA HAUL #002 // M.A.C - Heirloom Collection - CassandraMyee

Finally, I couldn't resist the Christmas collection that has recently been released. The packaging of these are beautiful, with the black and silver glittery pans and bullets. I'll have more on this collection in due course, but I picked up the Object of Affection Pink + Rose Pigments + Glitters (USD $35.00), Heirloom Mix Lipstick in Rebel (USD $17.50), and Heirloom Mix Mineralize Blush in Sweet Sentiment (USD $30.00). All of them are utterly gorgeous, the blush in particular has been getting a lot of use lately!

I easily could have gone crazier in MAC, but I'm beyond happy with the items I bought! Tomorrow I will be sharing the things I got on major discounts from Nordstrom Rack (I was so shocked with how cheap they were!)

Have you got anything from the Heirloom Mix Collection, or any of the products I bought?

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