AUSTRALIS | Eye + Lip Products - Review + Swatches

AUSTRALIS // New Eye + Lip Products | Review + Swatches

A couple of months back I was luckily sent a goodie bag packed with Australis products to try out, and I blogged about some of the base products (see them here) and today I'll be sharing some thoughts on their eye and lip offerings. Some of these products are relatively new to the Australis line up and others have been available for a little while now.

AUSTRALIS // New Eye + Lip Products | Review + Swatches

AUSTRALIS // New Eye + Lip Products | Review + Swatches
Cray For Colour Eyeshadow Sticks in Beating The Blues + Fields of Dreams* // RRP NZD $12.00 each
Cream shadows in stick form are some of the easiest things to use. These ones are really stand out; the formula is very creamy so they go on without tugging at the eyes but they set down once on the lid. They are packed with pigmentation and the two shades I have are gorgeous blue and teal colours that I've been loving using as liners on the lower lash line to add a bit of colour to an other neutral eye shadow look that I do on the daily. There are six other shades in this line, and they all look equally as gorgeous!

AUSTRALIS // New Eye + Lip Products | Review + Swatches
SmokifeyeLiner in Murky Monday + Sombre Spring* // RRP $12.00 each
I'm definitely a bit boring when it comes to the liner department and stick to the classic black and brown all the time, but after being sent these I've been trying to branch out a bit. These are your standard liner pencils, they're not too stiff, so they glide one easily, but not too soft that they just smudge every where. Murky Monday, a gunmetal green based grey, is a gorgeous one and it makes for an interesting colour to use on the lash line as it's a lot softer than using black. Sombre Spring is a khaki shade with silver glitter through it and it works well with a heavy brown eye look and this along the bottom lashes.

AUSTRALIS // New Eye + Lip Products | Review + Swatches
MultiMega Lash in Blackest Black* // RRP $16.50
As far as mascara's go, this one sits somewhere in the middle. I find the formula to go on densely black (always what I prefer), but the brush is pretty massive, so I find I need to wipe off excess onto a tissue (especially from the the tip) before I use it. It gives good volume to the lashes but it's nothing ground breaking. For the price I do think it's a good mascara, but definitely not the best.

AUSTRALIS // New Eye + Lip Products | Review + Swatches

Cray For Colour Lip Gloss Stick in Strawberry Shortcake* // RRP $10.50
Another style of products I like is lip products in stick form. They make for easy application and precision on the lips and often have interesting finishes. For a lip gloss this has the pigmentation of a lipstick, but definitely packs it in the gloss department. I only need one layer of this on the lips for full pigmentation that looks very shiny, but it's anything but sticky. They feel lightweight on the lips and I barely notice it is on there due to the moisturising formula. The formula does set down slightly on the lips, but they aren't the longest wearing of colour, but at least they are easily to reapply. This colour is almost fluorescent and is a fun one to wear during the summer. There are six other shades in this collection.

Overall this is a great bunch of products and I was blown away by the quality and how well they all wore. The Eyeshadows Sticks would definitely be my pick from the bunch! You can find Australis at Farmers, and some pharmacies around NZ.

Have you used any of these Australis products?

*PR Samples.

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