INSTAGRAM ROUND UP | January '15 - CassandraMyee

January kicked off as quite an exciting month, mostly down to the fact that I got an iPhone 6, and it was love at first sight! Because of that my Instas have improved a lot in the overall photo quality compared to my previous phone (Samsung Galaxy S3; still a great phone, don't get me wrong!), and I love the quality of the camera and the phone in general! So here are my Instagram's from January...

001. First nails of the new year // 002. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette is my everything right now (review here) // 003. This view never gets old

004. My morning ritual; coffee + makeup // 005. Sneak peek of some posts to come next month // 006. My makeup of the day; expect a few of these items to crop up in my Most Loved for January

007. NARS Virtual Domination Palette review went up on the blog early in January (see it here) // 008. It was a MAC Patisserie sort of day // 009. More makeup, using lots of higher end items

INSTAGRAM ROUND UP | January '15 - CassandraMyee

010. YouTuber books + a new pineapple print // 011. Sister selfie before having a lunch out with our mum // 012. Amazing crepes to celebrate my sister's birthday

013. A sneaky peek at a big post that came in the middle of the month // 014. Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette Review - see it here // 015. Essie For The Twill Of It is an amazing duochrome polish

INSTAGRAM ROUND UP | January '15 - CassandraMyee

016. Some makeup items for that particular day; the Chi Chi Nudes Palette is amazing for the price of it! // 017. I was feeling the hair flip, had to take a selfie // 018. My 500th blog post went up, read all about it here

019. Had to buy some lovely macarons // 020. I went mad for Project Life equipment; I've officially began a scrapbooking adventure and I am loving it so far! // 021. This has gotta be the best kind of dinner

022. My excess lipstick box // 023. Insta-Inception; I got a lot of my Instagrams printed out finally // 024. More gemstones have been added into my ever-growing collection

If you would like to keep up with my nearly daily photos, you can find me @cassandramyee.

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