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Saturday, 10 January 2015

SUMMER SERIES #002 // The Fragrances - CassandraMyee

If there's one thing I love collecting other than makeup, it would be perfume. I've been a lover of fragrance long before I got into makeup and can still remember the first perfume my dad bought back for me duty free (it was Ralph Lauren Cool by the way, and I still have it!) Perfume is an instant happier booster for me; the scents, the bottles, the packaging, it all equates to a very happy Cass. These are a few perfumes I've been loving recently and I've been using a lot over the summer period.

SUMMER SERIES #002 // The Fragrances - CassandraMyee

MARC JACOBS Daisy Dream [NZD $99.00 for 50ml]
If a bottle could just yell summer, it would most definitely be this one. The baby blue rounded bottle, adorned with white daisies looks gorgeous sitting on my dresser and the smell is even better. I've already raved about this in my Most Loved November and I'm still loving it (and will probably still be loving it in a few months time). I'm hopeless at scents (aren't we all...) so these are the notes according to SephoraBlackberry, Grapefruit, Pear, Jasmine, Lychee, Blue Wisteria, White Woods, Musks, Coconut Water. I would say this is great one during the day; it's light, feminine and breezy (that's a good term to describe it, right?)

SUMMER SERIES #002 // The Fragrances - CassandraMyee

BURBERRY My Burberry Moisturizing Body Mist* [RRP $80.00 for 100ml]
I was sent this one early in December and I've been reaching for it when I want something lighter that also kicks off some scent. I haven't used a body mist since the days of Impulse (who else loved the Spice Girls one?!), but this is the more grown up and sophisticated way to use a body mist. This dries down immediately on the skin, and it has notes of Sweet Pea, Bergamot, Geranium, Golden Quince, Freesia, Patchouli, Rain-Tipped Damask and Centifolia Roses, according to Sephora. It's a great one for the handbag, or throwing in your beach bag for something light and summery.

SUMMER SERIES #002 // The Fragrances - CassandraMyee

BALENCIAGA Rosabotanica [NZD $160 for 50ml]
Another scent that has popped up a few times on CM (see it in my Most Loved October), is this stunning perfume from Balenciaga. I had long been lusting over this and was so happy when I finally got around to purchasing it. I definitely reach for this more in the evenings, as it's not as light like Daisy Dream and it packs a real punch, but a beautiful one. It has notes of Experimental Rose, Fig Leaf, White Amber, via. Sephora

What scents do you reach for during the Summer? Do you own any of this gorgeous ones?

*PR Sample.

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