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Now that is is officially 2015 (I was barely getting used to saying 2014), I thought I would look back on the past year on CM and share the top 5 most popular and most read posts from 2014. I published a total of 340 posts (!!!) over the course of twenty-fourteen, which is a heck of a lot of photos, editing, writing, posting etc etc, but I have enjoyed doing it SO much. I don't think I can really put into words how much I love doing this and I'm beyond excited to see where this little blog will go during 2015.

Coming in at number five was a post from the middle of the year where I shared the four new shades that came out from UK brand Makeup Academy. Now I think this was a popular one on Pinterest, hence why there seemed to be a lot of traffic going to it! I have swatches of the entire collection of shades (a total of 9) with my thoughts on the new colours. I still really love these and I hope they continue to expand their shade range some time soon!

Matte lip products must have been a popular thing during 2014, because the number four most read was my review and swatches of the six shades in the e.l.f. Matte Lip Colors. These are another of my favourite lip products to wear so I'm glad that lots of people flocked to this post (and hopefully bought a few themselves, because at USD $3.00, why wouldn't you?!)

NUMBER THREE // Cherry Culture Haul
There were lots of hauls on CM during 2014 (I do love a good haul post), but the one that trumped them all and came in at number three was a Cherry Culture haul from November. I only really shop on Cherry Culture when they have a sale, so the annual 40% off sale sucked me in right away and I got some seriously good bargains!

NUMBER TWO // The Nude Nail Round Up
I don't think there could be a top 5 without some nail polish action included! I was surprised to find that the number two spot of most read overall went to my Nude Nail Round Up. I pulled out five of my favourite nude nail polish shades and gave them a wee feature.

AND NUMBER ONE... //  Cheap eBay Finds | Kabuki Brush Set
This post had almost double the amount of views that The Nude Nail Round Up did, which I was very surprised to see! I love eBay and finding a good bargain, so if you are after some new makeup brushes that are super affordable, you may want to check these ones out. I also have the smaller eye set and I use them daily and couldn't recommend them more!

And with that I think I can sufficiently wave goodbye to 2014. As I said before it was a brilliant year and I really want to thank all of you for reading, viewing, sharing, liking, commenting, or whatever! I hope you'll stick around and see where 2015 takes CM!

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