GARNIER | Micellar Cleansing Water Coming to NZ

GARNIER | Micellar Cleansing Water Coming to NZ - CassandraMyee

Something exciting is about to arrive in New Zealand! Finally the famed Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (super popular in the UK and Australia) is making it's way to NZ for a release on March 2nd! To be honest I thought I was going to be stuck buying this via. Feel Unique as I never thought we would get it in stores (NZ miss out on lots of cool products #sadfaceemoji), but thankfully I'll be able to pick it up in my local supermarket!

GARNIER | Micellar Cleansing Water Coming to NZ - CassandraMyee

If you haven't used this micellar water, or something similar, you are seriously missing out as it's a bit of a magical wonder product. This basically feels like you are wiping water on your face; it's super gentle, but removes pretty much all trace of makeup from the face - see I told you it was magic! All you need is a cotton pad, soak it in this micellar water and wipe across the face, generally for heavy makeup days I go through at least two soaked pads to get the bulk of my makeup off. It also works well on eye makeup, and is doesn't sting or irritate the eyes at all. Unlike other makeup removes it doesn't strip the skin of moisture either, it just sucks up all the makeup and the leaves the skin feeling just as it would normally. This is always compared to the much more expensive and hard to come by, Bioderma, and to be honest I see absolutely no difference between the two, bar the price - the Garnier one totally trumps!

This product is perfect for everyone and should be a bathroom cupboard staple, especially for those with sensitive skin. It is being released on March 2nd and will be NZD $12.99. I've had my bottle for many months now and I'm only just coming to the end of it now, so I'm so happy I'll be able to purchase it in NZ now!

Have you used this Garnier Micellar Water before? Are you excited for it to be finally released in NZ?!

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