Hello, my name is Cass, and I am a nail polish addict. Yep I said it, and I'm totally not ashamed to admit it. If you're a long time reader of CM you'll know by now I have a fair few polishes in my collection, so today I thought I would share with you my current Essie nail polish collection, inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, gh0stparties, who did a similar post a few months back.


Seriously though, what's not to love about Essie polishes? The bottles are sleek, minimal and the white top and clear bottle just makes me happy. Not only that, the formulas are spot on and they do basic colours amazingly. As a long time devotee to OPI and Revlon polishes (I still love them too), when I bought my first Essie's (Mint Candy Apple and Bikini So Teeny, if you were wondering) the obsession had begun and since then my collection has been growing at a very steady rate. In NZ, it was really hard to get hold of Essie, but finally, now Farmers stocks them, but I tend to buy mine from eBay and NZ Sale (I got a whole bulk of them for only $5 each, best bargain ever). I've broken them down into shades below and will link to NOTD posts where I've got them on my nails. 

REDS + PINKS [from left to right, top to bottom]

Toggle To The Top -  This is one for Autumn and Winter for sure, I mean even the name suggests that! It's a dark red base, packed with red glitter. You can see a swatch of this one here.

Wicked - Dark, vampy nails to a tee; this one is also a perfect shade for the colder months, or if you simply want something dark, that still has a hint of colour to it. See it on the nails here.

Bahama Mama - This is pretty much the lighter version of Wicked; you can definitely tell it's red, with a gorgeous rich plum tone to it. Swatch of it here.

Too Taboo - This is bright pink to the max, and it almost dried down to a matte finish. See swatch here.

Tour de Finance - If you like pinks, this one is a must own. It's Barbie pink in a bottle, with a pearlescent shimmer through it. Nail swatches here.

Fiji - Perhaps one of the most coveted and popular shades from Essie is this one, and it's one of my favourites too. It's one I always go back to when I can't decide what colour to choose. The colour is a gorgeous pastel pink, that has great opacity for a lighter shade. See it on the nails here.

Mademoiselle - A very sheer, light baby pink. This one is great if you like clean, sleek nails, or if you are restricted as to what colours you can wear (and in that case I feel very sorry for you *sad face emoji*) See swatch of it here.


On A Silver Platter - Glitter's don't get much better than this one; it goes on really opaque in two coats and has a gold base with blues and violet glitter pieces. See it on the nails here.

After School Boy Blazer - This one was SO popular last winter (or was it the winter before that?) and it was all over the UK blogs, so of course, I had to get it. I absolutely love this shade, and it's so dark it looks almost black, but it is a super dark navy. See it on the nails here.

Butler Please - Super electric, a vibrant blue shade that looks so good on the nails. It has a near matte finish, purely due to the vibrancy of the colour. See it on the nails here.

Smooth Sailing - This is a lighter blue, that leans quite purple and it has a pearly shimmer through it. I'm yet to get this on the nails, but I will have to very soon!

Bikini So Teeny - This could go up for my favourite shade ever (yes, I said it). This is pastel blue perfection with a subtle glitter running through it, and it was one of my very early NOTD's. See it on the nails here.

Mint Candy Apple - This one could sit in either the blues, or the green category, 'cos it's a little bit of both. It is definitely a minty shade though (funny that) and is one I love love love. See it on the nails here.

Find Me An Oasis - A new addition, and one I was trying very hard to find! It's a very white based light blue, that looks seriously good on the nails, especially in Summer. On the nails here.


For The Twill Of It - An amazing duochrome polish that goes green and purple at the same time. Super unique but gorgeous on the nails. See it in this Instagram snap here.

Vested Interest - More of a darker green that leans to the grey side of things. I'm yet to use this one, but I think I'll save it for Autumn.

Shake Your $$ Maker - Maybe one of my favourite names for a nail polish, this one is a super vibrant bright green, that I think I'll have to use on my nails next!

Absolutely Shore - I'm a big fan of this washed out shades, and this one is a very white based pastel green. See it on the nails here.


Full Steam Ahead - A gorgeous lilac purple with a shimmer running through it. Yet to feature on the nails yet.

To Buy Or Not To Buy - Of course, to buy, duh. This is the lighter version of Full Steam Ahead, and one I need to get on my nails ASAP.

Tart Deco - One of the originals in my collection is this pastel sherbet orange shade. It looks amazing with a tan, and great for summer. See it on the nails here.

Meet Me At Sunset - Very bright and vibrant orange. Haven't used this one on the nails yet, but will add it to the list to use very soon.



Jazzy Jubilant - I've put this in this category, but it could fit in any of the above as it has many different jewel toned shades in it. It's like confetti for your nails! See it in this swatch here.

Sable Collar - I don't own any shades like this; it's a dark purpley brown shade and perfect for a really chic manicure. See a swatch of it here.

Smokin' Hot - Very similar to Sable Collar, but this one is definitely more of a grey colour. See it in this swatch here.

Buy Me A Cameo - Rose gold in a bottle. This one is a stunning metallic shade and I featured it in a Rose Gold Nail inspired post here.

Ladylike - A light pastel mauve shade, perfect for an effortless manicure. See it on the nails here.

Sand Tropez - A recent addition, and a shade I was most definitely missing is this famous one. It's a gorgeous light tan/beige shade and you can see it in a recent NOTD here.

Blanc - And the most neutral of all, this pure stark white, which I cannot and will not ever get enough of. I've used this one so many times, I might need a new bottle soon. See it on the nails here.

So that is my complete Essie nail polish collection, as of Feb 2015 (obviously I expect to add to this as I have a wee bit of an obsession!) I hope this might have helped you decide on some Essie colours you might like to add to your own polish stash.

What are some of your favourite Essie shades?

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