GARNIER | 2-in-1 Express Eye Makeup Remover - Review

GARNIER | 2-in-1 Express Eye Makeup Remover - Review - CassandraMyee

Garnier, you've done it again! First you came out with the amazing Micellar Cleansing Water (review here, and I also finally found it in NZ supermarkets, I may have bought two bottles...), and now you have nailed it again with this 2-in-1 Express Eye Makeup Remover* that is now part of a pretty great makeup removing routine.

I've used some terrible eye makeup removers in the past, you know the ones that sting your eyes, but then hardly remove any of your mascara? Yep, those ones definitely suck. Recently I've been loving the Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye & Lip (nearly featured in every monthly Empties posts...) and this one from Garnier definitely lives up to that one, and it might even be a touch better! 

It's a duo-phase solution so you have to give it a rigorous shake to mix the two liquids together for it to work its magic. I just take a cotton pad soaked with this, place it over the eye, pressing down gently and giving it a little wiggle for a few seconds then swipe away and the bulk of my eye makeup is gone, even some really stubborn mascaras remove with ease. The thing that sets this apart from other eye makeup removers is that it also has arginine in it which helps to make eyelashes thicker and stronger. I've not really noticed this yet, but once I've got to the end of the bottle, we shall see if I noticed any changes in my lashes. But overall the main thing I like about it is it doesn't irritate at all, feels gentle but also gets rid of makeup easily.

You can find this in supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores for NZD $9.99 (125ml bottle).

Have you tried this out? What is your go-to product for removing your eye makeup?

*PR Sample.

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