LUST HAVE IT | Women's Beauty Box December '14 End of Month Review + January '15 Unboxing

LUST HAVE IT | December '14 End of Month Review + January '15 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

By the title of this post, you might think I've got a little bit mixed up because it's March now, and how could I have only possibly received the January Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box*? Well LHI have got royally behind on their shipping and I've been waiting well over a month for the January box to arrive. If you follow them on FB, you'll see there is a lot of disgruntled customers, and with good reason! I'm lucky enough to get these sent to me for free, but I can't deny that the wait time is a little ridiculous and I really hope they sort it out soon!

Anyway, negativity aside, here is my thoughts on the items from the December bag and the unboxing of the January bag (that I actually think has some great products inside!)


Designer Brands Extend A Brow Instant Brow Volumiser in Light Medium // [RRP $12.99 (1.5g)]
Now this was a product I was looking forward to trying out. You have probably heard of fibre mascaras, but fibres for your brows? That was a new one for me. This is a simple tube packed with light brown fibres that you use a doe foot applicator to apply to the brows. I used it just on bare brows and it gave them instant volume and filled them in well, but it left them looking untidy and not quite as precise as I like them to be. Using this in conjunction with an eye brow pencil or powder is the way to do it; I just lightly fill them in to get the shape and precision I want (especially at the tail) and then use this by brushing the fibres into the brows. It's such a strange product but it really does work!

Inika Pure Primer // [RRP $60.00 (50ml)]
I'm all for a primer, I think for my skin at least, it's an essential! I've been using this on and off since I first got it and I like it, but I'm not going crazy for it. It almost feels like a moisturiser when you apply it, with a light texture that sinks into the skin right away. It doesn't have any silicon in it, so you aren't left with that slippery feeling. I think it gives a nice base for foundation but it doesn't do anything revolutionary in filling in pores, or fine lines etc. I'll keep using it, but won't be buying it when I use it up.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate Clay Mask // [RRP $24.95 (50g)]
I've been a bad blogger and am yet to try this clay mask out, but I will update this post once I have.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate Bath Salts // [RRP $18.50 (200g)]
See above. Also I have a bath but I never take actually take baths, so I don't think I'll actually ever use these; they sounds nice though!

Lonvitalite C1 Mask // [RRP $9.95 (25ml)]
Again I'm a terrible blogger and still haven't used this, but I'm not really a fan of these sheet masks anyway, hence why I've not used it. Give me a clay mask in a pot or a tube any day!

LUST HAVE IT | December '14 End of Month Review + January '15 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

First impressions of the January box are pretty darn good. A lot of time these are skincare heavy, but this month there is only one skincare item, the rest are makeup items and even a nail polish! There are six items total in the January box with the Designer Brands Chubby Lipstick Crayon considered a bonus item.
LUST HAVE IT | December '14 End of Month Review + January '15 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

Colour By TBN Neon Nail Polish in Pash Tasch // [RRP $2.50 (15ml)]
I love when they include nail polishes in these kind of things and I'm excited to try out this colour. The shade I received is a fluoro bright coral shade that I hope will work well! Considering how cheap these are, it'll be interesting to see how well they perform.

LUST HAVE IT | December '14 End of Month Review + January '15 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

Urban Skincare Co. Infuse Body Balm // [RRP $12.95 (100ml)]
This is a 35ml sample size of a body moisturiser and it's from a brand that has been in a LHI box before. It says that it should absorb quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue and that's something I can get behind.

LUST HAVE IT | December '14 End of Month Review + January '15 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Mudcake // [RRP $24.95 (1.2g)]
Another brand that has cropped up in LHI before is this one, and the last time I actually received one of these but in the matte black shade called Black Comedy. These are 100% natural and mineral based eyeshadows that are also cruelty free. I really like the last one, but I can tell I'm going to like this one even more, because look gorgeous this shade is!

LUST HAVE IT | December '14 End of Month Review + January '15 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

Marsk Certified Organic Eyeliner in Pitch Black // [RRP $33.50 (1.2g)]
And here we have another Marsk product (they must be quite popular for these subscription boxes!) This seems pretty standard for an eyeliner, it seems to have a good creamy texture that will be easy to smudge out. I look forward to pairing it with the mineral eyeshadow.

LUST HAVE IT | December '14 End of Month Review + January '15 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

BeauBox Wonder Powder Intuitive Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15 in Nearly Nude // [RRP $20.00 (6g)]
It's really risky putting foundations or powders into these boxes because you never know what shade you will receive. Luckily this shade looks like it will be a good match and I'm interested to see how it performs. I tend to go for a liquid or mousse foundation, but this sounds promising, claiming that it will give a 'natural matte multi-dimensional finish'.

LUST HAVE IT | December '14 End of Month Review + January '15 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

Designer Brands Chubby Lipstick Crayon in 410 Dollhouse Pink // [RRP $7.99]
I love a good chubby stick style lip pencil, and I'm very happy with the shade I got in this Designer Brands one. It seems very creamy with almost a satin finish to it, plus it winds up so you don't have to hassle with a sharpener.

So overall really impressed with the January box and I prefer it already over the December offering. It has six products, five of which are full sized and the total value is approx. AUD $95, not bad for a box that is only $19.95! As always you can use the code CASSMYEE to get $5.00 off your first box, but bear in mind the wait time that has occurred over the past few months; I really hope they sort their shit out soon!

Did you receive the Janaury Box? What do you think of the products inside?

*PR Sample.

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