CHEAP LIP LINER LOVES | NYX, e.l.f. + Jordana

Friday, 10 April 2015

CHEAP LIP LINER LOVES | NYX, e.l.f. + Jordana - CassandraMyee

So it seems that lip liner has made a major comeback over the past six months or so (can we all thank a Jenner sister for that?) and I have most definitely become a convert to the wonders of lip liner. You can pretty much guarantee I'll be wearing a lip liner nearly every time I put makeup on and lately I've mostly been loving them by themselves sans lipstick. Here are some of the cheaper lip liner options that are absolutely awesome.

CHEAP LIP LINER LOVES | NYX, e.l.f. + Jordana - CassandraMyee

CHEAP LIP LINER LOVES | NYX, e.l.f. + Jordana - CassandraMyee

NYX SLIM LIP PENCILS | USD $3.50 via. Beauty Joint + NZD $11.00 via. Beauty Bliss NZ
NYX make some seriously great products; I've been impressed with many of the things I've tried from them. The lip pencils are perhaps some of my favourites, particularly the shade Nude Pink which is getting sharpened down a lot - it's the best neutral everyday pink colour that you can attempt the over drawn lip look with (if you're brave enough). They are quite a hard pencil in comparison to other lip liners I've used, so you can get a very sharp and precise line, but you can also fill in the lips with these as well (although they can get a bit draggy sometimes). There's a huge shade range, so definitely something to suit many lip sticks, lacquers or glosses (whatever you choose to pair with it).
CHEAP LIP LINER LOVES | NYX, e.l.f. + Jordana - CassandraMyee

CHEAP LIP LINER LOVES | NYX, e.l.f. + Jordana - CassandraMyee

JORDANA EASYLINER FOR LIPS | USD $2.49 via. Beauty Joint
These lip liners from Jordana tick all of the boxes - they are creamy (but not to creamy that smush all over your lips), they retract up so no need for a sharpener, and they last all day on the lips. Baby Berry is probably my most used of all the lip liners I have at the moment, I find the shade is the, wait for it... 'my lips but better' shade, and it helps me give shape and definition especially to my top lip where I need it the most. There aren't as many shades available compared to the NYX ones, but the shades they do offer are great staples, and who can't resist that price tag?!

CHEAP LIP LINER LOVES | NYX, e.l.f. + Jordana - CassandraMyee

e.l.f. STUDIO LIP LOCK PENCIL | USD $3.00 via. iHerb*
Now this one is a little different, it's clear and a universal shade, so it's going to work for every one. This is a great one to have on hand especially for more creamy lipsticks, darker shades and especially lip lacquers. You draw this outside the edge of your lip before going in with your colour and it helps to stop the colour blending out around the lip line. It's a great product to have in your makeup bag and it means you don't have to worry about the lip liner not matching your chosen lip colour.

So what'd you think about lip lining? Personally I am all for it and gone are my misconceptions of them; they really do work and can make an amazing difference in the shape and definition of your lips.

Tell me some of your favourite lip liners? Have you got any of these particular ones?

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