LIVING NATURE | Skin Revive Exfoliant Review

LIVING NATURE | Skin Revive Exfoliant Review - CassandraMyee

Exfoliators, although not essential to your skincare routine, can really play a big role in improving your skin texture, clarity and give it a great deep clean. I've used a multitude of various exfoliants over my time, some that were terrible, harsh, packed with chemicals, and felt like sand paper; others, such as this Living Nature Skin Revive Exfoliant*, were gentle, natural and left the skin feeling polished without over doing it.

LIVING NATURE | Skin Revive Exfoliant Review - CassandraMyee

If you don't want to get into the harsh exfoliants that are packed with scrubbing particles, this one is for you. It's suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin and if you're an oily skinned person, you can even use it every day. I've reviewed Living Nature products before on CM, and they are a great New Zealand based brand that make all natural products, using high quality plant products. 

On first using this I was expecting a bit more scrub to it. But now I've really grown to like it, because it is so gentle on the skin but it gives a really deep clean to the skin. I use this predominately in the mornings and it has pride of place in my shower. The handy, squeezy tube makes it perfect for in shower use. Exfoliators have been getting a bad rap lately due to the microbeads they use being made of plastic and not breaking down once they've gone down your plug hole. This one however, uses jojoba and candelilla beads (natural wax) microbeads which are totally bio-degradable. It also means that this exfoliant is not going to severely damage the skin, instead it will make it a lot softer and less congested with continued use.

You can find the new Skin Revive Exfoliant in selected pharmacies, health stores and also online here for NZD $45.00 for a 75ml tube, where they also offer international shipping.

Have you used products from Living Nature before?

*PR Sample.

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