On Turning 25

On Turning 25 - CassandraMyee

Isn't it funny just how scary a single number can seem? I remember turning 18 and thinking, wow I am getting really old. At that point I was in my final year at school and was about to venture to university the following year. Then it seemed like a huge change; new experiences, leaving the security of school, my family and my close group of friends, trading it in for the halls, meeting lots of new people and learning what real study (and real drinking...) would be like. Now it's seven years later and here I am turning 25. Twenty-five. I mean, that sounds quite old right?

In reality, it's nothing. A quarter of a life basically, but it's hard to see it that way. At 25 I thought I would have a lot more of my life sorted out and would feel more 'grown-up' in a way. I see where some of friends are in their lives and feel a bit behind them. I still feel young, young in the sense that I still have a long way to go and lots of new things to experience. At the end of last year I was thrown quite a curve ball, that unknowing to me at the time would effect me more than I could have possibly known a couple of month later, just this past February. All of that resulted in my first ever full blown panic attack, and a few more followed that (notice I cut down on posts on my blog?) It's funny how things can build up inside without you realising; small things can turn into big things and plans you might have had just go out of the window and you're sent on a new path. Only now I'm coming to terms with it all, my body was telling me to sort shit out, and only now am I listening.

So where am I going with this very heavy sort of post? Well, I just wanted to reflect a bit. Writing your thoughts down is sometimes the best therapy and I recommend you all give it a go. I'm trying hard not to think about the things I 'should have' or thought that I would have done before I'm 25, instead I'm just gonna roll with it. Shit happens right? I'm sure in another five years time I'll look back at this point in my life and think how stupid to fret over such small things. I am a believer in 'all things happen for a reason' and only now am I feeling positive about what 25 might bring for me. I have an incredible family, amazing close friends, and an awesome blog (if I do say so myself), plus two degrees (well, nearly) under my belt. 

Tomorrow I turn 25, and I'm embracing it with open arms (and those wrinkles I can see developing...). I'm finally excited to start the next quarter of my life.

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