ESSIE | Haul from 1-Day

Friday, 8 May 2015

ESSIE | Haul from 1-Day - CassandraMyee

If you know me slash are an avid reader of my blog then you will know I love Essie. No, I take that back, I adore Essie, I am obsessed with Essie. Seriously it's becoming a problem! Well a wee while back 1-day had four packs of Essie polishes for only $14.95, with three different sets to choose from. Luckily two out of the three sets had shades I didn't already own so I jumped at the bargain (I mean, who could resist!)

ESSIE | Haul from 1-Day - CassandraMyee

ESSIE | Haul from 1-Day - CassandraMyee

PACK ONE | A whole lot of glitters
This pack definitely sealed the deal for me, just look how gorgeous all of those glitters are! The shades from left to right are: A Stroke Of Brilliance, Lots of Lux, Belugaria and Ignite The Night. All of them swatched really well on my nail wheel, you basically get full coverage in one swipe with Lots of Lux, and Belugaria, which by the way, is such an interesting polish - I'll feature it in a NOTD soon!

ESSIE | Haul from 1-Day - CassandraMyee

PACK TWO | The Brights
Of course I couldn't not get this second pack; it has a gorgeous glitter (great for a feature nail) and three other bright and pastel shades. From left to right there is; Hors d'Oeuvres, Saturday Disco Fever, Bottle Service and Go Ginza. I used a couple of these right away which you can see in this Instagram here

This haul had definitely given my Essie collection a nice boost, I may need to do an updated one soon at this rate! Keep your eyes peeled for Instagrams or NOTD posts where I'll be featuring some of these gorgeous shades.

Have you got any of these polishes? What colour would be your pick?

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