BEAUTY BACK-UPS [or My Life as a Hoarder]

BEAUTY BACK-UPS [or my life as a hoarder] - CassandraMyee
I've got quite problem with hoarding makeup. It's nothing too major but I just like to have a few back ups of some of my favourite and most used products in case I run out slash I lose it slash I never want to be without these things. This post was inspired by Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup who wrote a post a few months back (here) sharing her beauty bits she keeps backed up and I realised I have a very similar situation happening in one of my makeup drawers.

BEAUTY BACK-UPS [or my life as a hoarder] - CassandraMyee

THE PRIMER I'VE BEEN THROUGH TUBES OF | Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur Smoothing Base Perfector

If you read my Empties posts, you'll see this pop up almost every month. It's been my go-to primer for months and months now. I like how it feels on the skin, makeup glides right over it, and it helps to blur (yes, it isn't just a gimick) fine lines and reduce the size of my pores. It's also easily bought at supermarkets, Farmers, The Warehouse etc and it's around $17 a tube.

THE ONE MAKEUP APPLICATOR I CAN'T GO A DAY WITHOUT | Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Using this sponge has been a bit of a revelation to the way my makeup looks on the skin. Gone are the days of brush marks, and makeup settling into weird bits on my face - this sponge helps to smooth everything out a lot better than a brush and it creates a more flawless finish I find. Using it damp is key, but after a bit of use it definitely needs replacing, hence having one in the backups.

BEAUTY BACK-UPS [or my life as a hoarder] - CassandraMyee

THE POWDER TO MATTIFY EVEN THE OILIEST OF SKIN | Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in Transparent

This will be the second pan I've been through of this powder and it was one of the powders I tried and fell in love with right away. I've got another stashed away for the day that this one finally breaks and falls apart. I love it because it's really cheap (you can get it for like $8 on ASOS), and it does an amazing job at sucking up the oil and mattifying the skin. I like it for setting my foundation initially and it's a great powder for touch ups too.

BEAUTY BACK-UPS [or my life as a hoarder] - CassandraMyee

THE SUPER CHEAP CONCEALER THAT'S AN ALL-ROUNDER | L.A. Girl Pro Conceal High Definition Concealer in Classic Ivory

I'm currently squeezing out the very last bit of my current tube and I can't wait to crack into the fresh one. I don't lie when I say this is super cheap (USD $2.99 to be exact), and it comes in a ton of shades. The downside is the applicator, but once you get the product out, this concealer is extremely creamy, with great coverage and it works great around the face or under the eyes.

THE UNDEREYE BRIGHTENER TO MAKE YOU LOOK ALIVE AGAIN | Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles in Brightener

I wish they would stock this concealer in NZ, because I've had to stock pile it from US orders I've done over the past few months. This concealer just rocks for under the eye. It's a light pink tone that instantly brightens and covers dark circles and it blends out great too. I also have it in Light, which doesn't have quite the same brightening effect as the Brightener shade, but covers well and actually works great on spots too.

BEAUTY BACK-UPS [or my life as a hoarder] - CassandraMyee

THE PENCIL FOR 'BROWS ON FLEEK' | Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Brunette/Dark Brown

Since discovering this brow pencil late last year it has definitely changed and improved my brow game. The tiny nib makes it easy to achieve a natural looking brow, to a more intense and sharp one, plus the spoolie on the opposite end is so handy and helps to disperse the product evenly in the brows (and also fix up any heavy filling in that may have occured). I made an order from Urban Outfitters for an extra two of these so I know when I use up one, I've always got an extra.

BEAUTY BACK-UPS [or my life as a hoarder] - CassandraMyee


I know saying a product is 'holy grail' is quite a big claim, but damn this mascara is good. I did a post all about it not so long ago where you can see it on my lashes here. It gives amazing volume, density and blackness to the lashes in just a couple of swipes through the lashes. I use it pretty much on an everyday basis, so in a recent US order I did I grab one as a back up.

THE BASE COAT TO PROLONG YOUR POLISH | Orly Colour Care Polish Bond Base Coat

I noticed how low my current bottle of this base coat was getting so a trip to Farmers meant buying an extra for when that one ran out (which happened last week!) I mentioned in my May Empties how much I like this, and basically it helps to make your manicure last a touch longer, and it also stops any discolouration or major damage to the nails. 

So with a drawer packed with spare products, I think I might be set for a while now! I wanna know what products you keep back ups of? What things can't you bare to be a day without?

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