EMPTIES | August '15

EMPTIES | August '15 - CassandraMyee

I swear this month just flew by for me - it was my first official month in Auckland and I feel like I have been so busy that the month just went by in an instant! I ended up with quite a few Empties this month though, so here are some thoughts on each product.

EMPTIES | August '15 - CassandraMyee

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash 
I've been through many tubes of this stuff and absolutely love it. It's amazing if you have acne prone skin and blemishes and it helps to really clean the skin and as well as cool and treat any active breakouts you might have. I don't find it overly drying unlike the Foaming Cleanser from the same range, and it's a good one for guys and girls.

anatomicals Not Another Rough Day Please Vanilla Body Lotion*
I absolutely love the anatomicals products, from the names to the packaging and the delicious scents they use - all of them are amazing. This was a great body lotion; it smelt amazing, and it was also light, sunk into the skin fast and not sticky at all. I'd definitely buy this again.

EOS Berry Blossom Hand Cream
I bought this hand cream as part of a limited edition set I got while in the States at the end of last year (see the big haul here). I loved the scent of this and the packaging was great, perfect for throwing in your hand bag. It was a good hand cream as well, very moisturising and if I could get these easily here in NZ I would 100% buy it again.

EMPTIES | August '15 - CassandraMyee

Benefit The Porefessional [Mini]
It had been a while since I had used Porefessional, but after cranking through this tube I remembered why I love it! It does an amazing job at smoothing the skin and it really fills in pores well. I really need to get another full size of this, now that I've rekindled my love for it.

Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner* [Mini]
I was sent this as part of the Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box May* (see the unboxing here) and got through it pretty quickly. It was really good - I had high hopes for it in the first place, but after getting through this sample I really want to invest in the full size. I have large pores and not a lot helps, but this definitely aided in making them look tighter and helped to clear them out too.

Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye + Lip [x2]
I actually got through two of these this past month (see the second bottle pictured below) as I have been wearing makeup basically every single day this month! It's always in my Empties - I love it and it does an amazing job at getting rid of stubborn eye and lip products with ease and without irritating.

EMPTIES | August '15 - CassandraMyee

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist
I'm all about setting sprays and face mists, as I think they can really help in prolonging the life of your makeup as well as being very refreshing. This one from The Body Shop was nice, although I'm not sure how well it did in helping the actual wear time of my makeup, but it did help to moisturise and take away any excess powder on the skin for a fresher, more dewy look.

Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume
I reluctantly made my way through this dry shampoo as I didn't want to throw it out until I'd finished it. I much prefer the normal Batiste range as I found this gave the hair far too much grit and texture and it just left the hair feeling dirtier (albeit less greasy), but it just didn't feel nice in the hair to touch. I think I'll stick to the OG next time.

EMPTIES | August '15 - CassandraMyee

Hola Seaweed Moisturising Toner*
This was another product from the May Lust Have It Box and I quite liked it. I was hoping it would be good, because I really like the Seaweed range of skincare from The Body Shop and although this wasn't as good, it still did the job. It wasn't drying on the skin and it helped to remove any excess makeup that I might have missed when cleansing. The consistency was a lot thicker than normal toners, more of like a liquid gel, but it sunk into the skin quickly.

Vaseline White Petroleum Jelly
Vaseline is that one product I will never be without, I use it at least twice a day as my lip balm (always in the morning and at night), and I've been using it for years and years. I also use it around my nose area when it gets all dry from having a cold (me, the last two weeks) and it works well as a barrier around the head when doing an at home dye job. This size tub lasts me so long, I can't even remember when I last replaced it!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown/Brunette
It was a sad day last week when I wound this up to find that I had reached the end of it and I also didn't have a back up so have been having to make do with other brow products. I've just done an order on Urban Outfitters for three more (yes, I love it that much...); it really is amazing and I highly recommend it if you are wanting an amazing brow pencil.

John Plunkett Essentials Glyco Peel*
This was another Lust Have It product and one I've had sitting around in my drawers basically empty, so it was time to throw it out. This was a chemical exfoliator that sounds a lot more dramatic than it actually is, although you could definitely feel it working on the skin! I used this at night about two times a week after cleansing and toning. For some this might be too much for their skin, but as I have quite oily/combination skin, it worked well to make the skin feel a lot softer after using it.

Have you used any of these products? What did you make of them?

*PR Samples.

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